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Today we performed a speed test with IPVanish. This was done similar to the TorGuard speed test of last week, using both speedtest.net as well as newsleecher’s usenet servers.
IPVanish results were excellent, almost the maximum available 120mb download of the Dutch residential cable connection used, was the speed achieved using the UK and Dutch VPN servers. The USA server also did very good, about 45mb and a ping of 112ms, which is excellent when keeping in mind the intercontinental VPN connection! Since the majority of worldwide internet connections don’t even have 45mb download bandwitch, most people can be certain of utilizing their full bandwidth when using IPVanish‘s VPN service!
Below you’ll find the video of the speed test performed along with its description:

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This video shows a IPVanish speed test with both speedtest.net and the usenet servers of newsleecher.
Performed using a Dutch 120/10mb residential cable connection.
First I did both tests without VPN, then I tested the USA , then Dutch and at last UK servers.
Max speed US: Speedtest.net: 40Mb down, 4Mb up, ping 112ms, usenet: 5.6MB/s (44.8Mb)
Max speed NL: Speedtest.net: 113Mb down, 8Mb up, ping 14ms, usenet: 13MB/s (104Mb)
Max speed UK: Speedtest.net: 113Mb down, 12Mb up, ping 112ms, usenet: 9MB/s (72Mb)
These are quality speeds, and therefore IPVanish is an excellent choice!

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  1. Sourabh
    Sourabh 19 February 2013 at 08:54 | | Reply

    I had taken Reliance netconnect no-9379707095. The prismoed speed was 3.2 MBPS and ended up with below 2 KBPS. When I complained the customer care person took me through series of lies telling hardware issue, OS issue, Anti virus issue and when nothing worked agreed that service was poor. Then started the hazzle of closing the service. I had to write tons of mails and follow up to get the service closed.Now the harrazement has started with Reliance personnel coming home to ask money in the name of due bills. Wish oridinary consumers like me should not suffer similarly. Never go for Reliance netconnect. Worst decision of my life to take Reliance service. Mail me on and I can send you the unpleasant mail chain that happens with customer care.RegardsSrikanth

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