Alex Brammer
Alex BrammerResearcher

Alex is a Researcher at Top10VPN. As well as helping cover the news, he works on our investigations into cybersecurity and privacy. He aims to help make information about privacy and online safety as easily approachable as possible.

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Amy Hawkins
Amy HawkinsCulture Journalist

Amy Hawkins is a journalist who specializes in covering tech, censorship and society in China. She has written for Wired, the Guardian, the Sunday Times, Foreign Policy and other important publications.

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Ayodeji Rotinwa
Ayodeji RotinwaCulture Journalist

Ayodeji is a Nigerian writer covering culture, innovation and sustainable development in West Africa and beyond. He has been published at the New York Times, FT, Vogue and London Evening Standard.

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Ben Dickson
Ben DicksonTech Blogger

Ben Dickson is a software engineer and tech blogger. He writes for The Next Web, PC Mag, Daily Dot, Vice Motherboard and other tech publications.

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Callum Tennent
Callum TennentSite Editor

Callum is Top10VPN’s Site Editor and a former consumer technology journalist. Specializing in VPN technology, data security, and online privacy, he ensures our readers have all the information needed to stay safe online. He’s a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and a former tech expert at Which?, the UK’s leading publication for product reviews.

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Charlotte Darrell
Charlotte DarrellStaff Writer

Charlotte is part of the Editorial Team at Top10VPN. She tests out VPNs daily, and hopes to help everyday people take the right steps towards protecting their privacy online.

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Dave Sloggett
Dave SloggettResearch Fellow

Dr Dave Sloggett is a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics at Oxford University. He is a specialist in horizon scanning, looking at the impacts of future developments in technology such as artificial intelligence and advances in computer and communications systems.

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Davey Winder
Davey WinderCybersecurity Journalist

Davey has covered security stories for three decades, picking up one Technology Journalist of the Year and three Security Journalist of the Year awards. He contributes to, SC Magazine and Infosecurity.

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David Hughes
David HughesStaff Writer

David is a Top10VPN writer who has previously used his words as a freelance journalist and writer in arts and culture but has now turned his attention to encouraging internet privacy and individual freedom online

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Jennifer Baker
Jennifer BakerEU Policy Journalist

Jennifer specialises in tech policy and digital rights. She currently features as a regular contributor to TheNextWeb, The Privacy Advisor, BBC radio, Euronews, and hosts Brussels’ must-watch weekly roundup show TOTW for Euractiv.
Regularly listed as a top digital influencer in the EU bubble, Jennifer is also a GLG expert Council Member providing advice on EU policy in the tech sector.

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Kate O'Flaherty
Kate O'FlahertyCybersecurity Journalist

Kate is a freelance cyber security journalist with over a decade’s experience reporting on the issues impacting users, businesses and the public sector. She has written articles for titles including the Guardian, the Times, the Economist, SC UK Magazine, and Wired UK.

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Katherine is a Researcher at Top10VPN. Her work focuses primarily on global censorship, digital rights and cybersecurity and has featured in publications such as Middle East Eye, Geopolitical Monitor and EC-Council.

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Kelly Fiveash
Kelly FiveashTechnology Journalist

Kelly is a writer and editor who specializes in technology and telecoms policy and law. She has extensively covered data privacy issues for a range of publications including Wired, Ars Technica and The Register.

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Megha Bahree
Megha BahreeBusiness Journalist

Megha is a business journalist based in New Delhi, India. She has written for Forbes, Nikkei Asian Review,, The New York Times and the New Yorker Online, among others. You can find her @mbahree.

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Michael Tatarski
Michael TatarskiPolicy Journalist

Michael Tatarski is a freelance journalist based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He has covered the environment, urban development, social issues and more for The Guardian, the South China Morning Post, Politico and Mongabay, among other publications.

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Natasha Stokes
Natasha StokesFeatures Editor

Natasha is Features Editor at Top10VPN and a technology writer who covers online privacy and the impact of new tech on everyday life. Her work has appeared at CNN, BBC Worldwide, and Techlicious.

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Nicholas Fearn
Nicholas FearnTechnology Journalist

Nicholas Fearn is a freelance journalist reporting on technology, digital culture and business. His work has appeared on Engadget, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TechRadar, The Next Web, IT Pro, Alphr, Tech City News, Computer Weekly, Mail Online and The Telegraph, among other titles. He also edits Welsh STEM publication Tech Dragons and is a Forbes contributor writing about tech-for-good.

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Phil Muncaster
Phil MuncasterPrivacy & Cybersecurity Journalist

Phil Muncaster is a freelance technology journalist and editor who has seen the power of the surveillance state first-hand whilst working as a correspondent in China. He’s a passionate supporter of free speech online.

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Rebecca Duff
Rebecca DuffStaff Writer

Rebecca is part of the Editorial Team at Top10VPN and a dedicated VPN reviewer. Her goal is to make online privacy and cybersecurity an accessible subject for everyone, no matter how tech-savvy they are.

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Sam Woodhams
Sam WoodhamsResearcher

Samuel is a Researcher at Top10VPN covering digital rights, internet shutdowns and international censorship. His work has been featured in Just Security, World Politics Review, The Diplomat and African Arguments.

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Samuel Okiror
Samuel OkirorHumanitarian Journalist

Samuel covers humanitarian crises, environment, and health in Uganda, the Great Lakes Region and across Africa. His work has featured in The Guardian, The New Humanitarian and UN office for Disaster Risk Reduction.

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Simon Migliano
Simon MiglianoHead of Research

Simon Migliano is the VPN research expert at and leads our privacy and security investigations. Simon’s research into VPN and related privacy and security issues has been covered in the world’s leading news and technology publications, including the BBC, CNet, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, Wired, Der Spiegel, The Independent, Le Figaro, ZDNet and PC Mag, among many others.

Simon has also been quoted as a VPN expert in hundreds of privacy-related news stories and features in leading publications, such as The Guardian, CNN, Vice News, MSN, The Express, The Metro and Computer Weekly.

As well as authoring research for, Simon has written articles for top sites, such as Huffington Post, Hackernoon, Reuters, SC Magazine and TechRadar.

Simon was the very first employee of Top10VPN and has over 15 years’ experience working in technology and as a news journalist.

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William Chalk
William ChalkResearcher

Will is a Researcher at Top10VPN, an IDG Network Contributor, and an organisational member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He covers privacy, digital security, and censorship circumvention with a particular interest in online freedoms across Asia-Pacific. He has written for titles including The Diplomat, Hackernoon, Channel News Asia, Information Age, Asian Correspondent, CSO Online, and more.

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