Ben Dickson is a software engineer and tech blogger. He writes for The Next Web, PC Mag, Daily Dot, Vice Motherboard and other tech publications.

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China VPN Ban Finally Here: What Does it Mean?

China VPN Ban Finally Here: What Does it Mean?

Millions in China have just lost access to the global internet now the VPN ban is finally in effect. The nation has the most VPN users in the world thanks to strict censorship by a government that until now turned a blind eye to use of the privacy software. We take a look at what's happened and what it means.

FCC Net Neutrality Vote - Ajit Pai

What Happens if FCC Votes to Kill off Net Neutrality?

Despite zero support outside of cable companies set to profit from the repeal of net neutrality and fierce public opposition, the FCC, led by Ajit Pai (pictured), is set to vote through a plan to do just that. Find out what this momentous change will mean for your internet experience.

US Customs Social Media Checks

Will Snooping Social Media Profiles Make US Borders Safer?

US customs can now demand your passwords and snoop through your social media and personal devices. Refuse and you'll be denied entry - or worse. The question is whether this incredible privacy intrusion is even effective at all at fighting terrorism let alone justified.

Next Google Antitrust Will Be About Data

The Next Google Antitrust Probe Will Be About Your Data

Your personal data is what drives the eye-popping multi-billion dollar revenues of tech giants like Google and Facebook. The next antitrust probe is likely to result from unfair practices in acquiring that incredibly valuable data.

ISP Snooping Why you Should Care

ISP Snooping: Why You Should Care

Your ISP is watching you so that it can either sell your browsing history to advertisers or hand it over to the authorities. Find out how you can protect yourself from this invasion of privacy.