Jennifer specialises in tech policy and digital rights. She currently features as a regular contributor to TheNextWeb, The Privacy Advisor, BBC radio, Euronews, and hosts Brussels’ must-watch weekly roundup show TOTW for Euractiv.
Regularly listed as a top digital influencer in the EU bubble, Jennifer is also a GLG expert Council Member providing advice on EU policy in the tech sector.

Articles by Jennifer Baker

Man looking at phone and laptop in a cafe

The Problem with EU Telcos Flouting Net Neutrality

European telcos already use deep packet inspection to monitor web traffic. Soon its use for surveillance and profiling could be enshrined in law

Cyberviolence Against Women Header Image

We Need Better Rules to Tackle Cyberviolence Against Women

Women, as well as men, have benefited hugely from the internet and new technologies that have afforded power, visibility, and access to opportunities - but they are also at risk in the digital world.

Tech Companies Merger Too Much Data Header Image

Mergers Off? Tech Companies Could Get Too Much Data

If company A has certain information on you and company B has different information, should they be allowed to merge? Big Tech companies can amass colossal datasets through mergers and acquisitions - and the European Commission could rule these moves anti-competitive.

Cookie Consent Header Image

The Cookie Crumbles: How We’re Manipulated into Giving Consent

Many sites employ design and wording tactics to manipulate users into consenting to sharing their data