Natasha is Features Editor at Top10VPN and a technology writer who covers online privacy and the impact of new tech on everyday life. Her work has appeared at CNN, BBC Worldwide, and Techlicious.

Articles by Natasha Stokes

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Happy? Anxious? There’s An Ad For You

Data science lets advertisers reach people with greater precision than ever. Soon, that will include how we feel. Can we trust algorithms to target ads fairly?

Social Apps

Was 2018 a Turning Point for Privacy?

Whether it was personal data exposed by the breach of a major corporation, or the constant low-grade surveillance by tech companies and their shadowy association of data brokers, privacy - or the compromise of privacy - made a record number of headlines.

Social and email apps on a smartphone

Read Those App Permissions – It Won’t Save Your Privacy

The latest revelation of smartphone apps that scrape too much data highlights that privacy can’t be achieved simply by good digital habits and double-checking app permissions.

Facebook Portal

Privacy Review: Facebook Portal

Facebook claims its Portal is designed to secure user privacy - and sure, it comes with a lens cover and dedicated off button for the mic and camera. Does that mean we can trust a Facebook-connected camera in our homes?

Dead End sign: How to access the data of the deceased?

Data of the Dead: What Happens to Facebook, Apple and Google Accounts After Death?

Our social media accounts are portraits of what we liked, thought and did - and that’s just the publicly accessible posts. What happens to our private messages and photos when we depart this mortal coil - and how might the law change that?

Smart speaker, iPhone and privacy?

The Next Big Tech Battle Will Be Over Privacy

With its acquisition of privacy-focused AI startup Silk Labs, Apple is betting it knows what consumers really want in their smart tech. Google and Amazon beg to differ.

Smartphone therapy? Hello from iPhone

Can You Trust Your AI Therapist?

Chatbots designed to help with mental health conditions are on the up, but will these apps, classified as health and fitness rather than medical apps, keep personal data safe?

Facebook Portal in white, duo

Facebook Portal: Privacy Policy Breakdown

Can Facebook’s always-listening screen be anything short of a privacy minefield? The company has taken some concerns onboard - but targeted ads are definitely not off the table and there will be no end-to-end encrypted video calls.

Woman using social network on phone

Time For a Privacy-Focused Social Network?

As social media giants grapple with extremist content and accounts peddling misinformation, new alternatives to Facebook and Twitter are gathering momentum.