Phil Muncaster is a freelance technology journalist and editor who has seen the power of the surveillance state first-hand whilst working as a correspondent in China. He's a passionate supporter of free speech online.

Articles by Phil Muncaster

FISA Mass Surveillance - Why Is This A Problem

When Laws Trump the Constitution: Why Americans Should Care About FISA Mass Surveillance

The US government has just voted to extend FISA mass surveillance laws by another six years. Find out how this means you can be spied on for merely mentioning a suspicious word and what you can do about it.

Snoopers Charter Court Challenge Privacy International

Privacy Group Right to Challenge Bulk Hacking Powers

The privacy rights group and seven ISPs are taking the government to court over its ability to hack the British public en masse. As well undermining 250 years of common law, it rides roughshod over our inalienable human rights and makes us all more exposed to criminal hackers.

China Spyware Sign of Things To Come

China’s State-Mandated Spyware a Taste of Things To Come?

We might think our Western democracies are a long way from Beijing’s authoritarianism, but our privacy is already being diminished by the War on Terror.

China VPN Ban

The China VPN “Ban” Matters: Here’s Why

Apple has pulled 60 VPN apps from the China App Store in one fell swoop: after weeks of rumors, suddenly the VPN crackdown feels a lot more serious. This is chilling news, not just for China but for the rest of the world.

Snoopers Charter Liberty Legal Challenge

Why We All Need to Back Liberty’s Legal Challenge to the Snoopers’ Charter

Human rights group Liberty has won the right to legally challenge the Snoopers' Charter, some of the most extreme legislation of its kind. Here's why you need to care.

Theresa May Encryption Ban is a Terrible Idea

Blaming the Internet and Encryption for Terrorism is Lazy, Patronizing and a Danger to Us All

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's latest outburst about encryption in the aftermath of terror was not simply foolish grandstanding but actually dangerously misguided.