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Best VPN for Malaysia

Charlotte Darrell
By Charlotte DarrellUpdated

Whether you live in Malaysia permanently or are visiting on vacation, you’ll need a VPN to browse the web freely and privately.

Online communications can legally be intercepted by the authorities, sometimes even without need for a court order.

We regularly test our recommended VPNs for Malaysia, so you can be sure that the information we give you is accurate and up-to-date. Our top five choices are listed below.

The 5 Best VPN Services for Malaysia
  1. NordVPN
  2. CyberGhost
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. IPVanish
  5. PrivateVPN
Read on for our detailed analysis of each VPN.
Our pick for Malaysia

Inexpensive zero-logs VPN with loads of servers in and around Malaysia.

Best price
$2.99 per month
Special deal
75% off with 3-year plan
Money-back guarantee
30 Days
Customer Support
24/7 Live chat support
No. of Server Locations
62 Countries
Simultaneous Connections
  1. Plenty of server choice in and around Malaysia
  2. Great performance across the board
  3. P2P-optimized servers in nearby Singapore
  4. Extra obfuscation tools for bypassing censorship
  5. Strong security and no logging
  1. Manual config required to change VPN protocol
  2. Email support can be slow
Bottom Line

NordVPN is our top pick for Malaysia, with the best server coverage in the area, fantastic performance across its server network, and top-notch security.

NordVPN offers six servers in Malaysia and a whopping 67 in nearby Singapore, meaning that you can experience fantastic local speeds and little server congestion.

With no logging and loads of security extras like DNS leak protection and Double VPN, NordVPN maintains your privacy while you deal with even the most sensitive of information. Extra obfuscation tools are also a huge bonus should censorship measures get harsher.

Accessing popular streaming services like Netflix and Malaysia-based tonton is quick and easy, and for the cool price of $2.99 a month on the three-year plan, choosing NordVPN is a no-brainer.

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Super fast zero-logs VPN, ideal for hassle-free HD streaming.

Best price
$2.75 per month
Special deal
79% off with 3-year plan
Money-back guarantee
45 Days
Customer Support
24/7 Live chat support
No. of Server Locations
60 Countries
Simultaneous Connections
  1. Quick local speeds down and up
  2. Loads of servers in and around Malaysia
  3. Dedicated streaming servers for Netflix and iPlayer
  4. Strict zero-logs policy
  5. Simple and slick custom apps for a range of devices
  1. Server network could be bigger
  2. Nearby servers don’t permit torrenting
Bottom Line

CyberGhost is nipping at NordVPN’s heels, with loads of servers in and around Malaysia and super-fast local performance. It falls just behind due to slightly less reliable global speeds and a lack of nearby servers that permit torrenting.

CyberGhost treats users to 10 servers within Malaysia’s capital, and a further 30 in neighboring Singapore.

You can be sure that your personal data will remain private with a strict zero-logs policy and some useful security extras including a VPN kill switch, DNS leak protection, and TOR via VPN.

At just $2.75 a month on the three-year plan, CyberGhost isn’t just a secure option, it’s a cheap one too.

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Fantastic all-rounder for Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Best price
$6.67 per month
Special deal
49% off 15-month plan
Money-back guarantee
30 Days
Customer Support
24/7 Live chat support
No. of Server Locations
94 Countries
Simultaneous Connections
  1. Reliably fast speeds across the server network
  2. Severs in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
  3. Sensible minimal-logs policy
  4. Simple solutions for all popular platforms
  5. Excellent customer support
  1. Fairly expensive, even on longer plans
  2. Limited to three simultaneous connections
Bottom Line

Ordinarily ExpressVPN is our best all-round VPN, but it can’t compete with our top picks for nearby server coverage in Malaysia. Still, it has two servers in the country, as well as a few more scattered around Singapore and Indonesia, so performance will be excellent.

ExpressVPN is hard to beat for compatibility, with simple solutions for pretty much any device you can think of. It also consistently provides access to major streaming sites such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Its minimal logging policy is very sensible, balancing privacy and performance, and it offers protection against DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC leaks.

While it’s more expensive than our other recommendations, coming in at $6.67 a month on the longest 15-month plan, ExpressVPN is a quality product worth the investment.

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Highly configurable and secure VPN, great for torrenting.

Best price
$6.49 per month
Special deal
46% off with 12-month plan
Money-back guarantee
7 Days
Customer Support
24/7 Live chat support
No. of Server Locations
61 Countries
Simultaneous Connections
  1. Very fast local downloads
  2. Good server coverage in and around Malaysia
  3. Top pick for torrenting & Kodi
  4. Loads of security extras
  5. Zero-logs policy
  1. Custom apps could be confusing for beginners
  2. Money-back guarantee is short (seven days)
Bottom Line

IPVanish is a great option for keen torrenters who need a secure and private VPN for Malaysia. P2P activity is permitted on all servers, meaning you can torrent on the two servers in Malaysia, 18 in Singapore, and hundreds of others around the world. Upload speeds are also excellent.

IPVanish has some excellent privacy features including DNS and IPv6 leak blocking. It also operates a zero-logs policy, giving you peace of mind when performing more privacy-sensitive activities.

IPVanish is a little pricey on shorter plans by you can reduce the monthly price to $6.49 a month on the 12-month plan, which is definitely worth considering if you torrent regularly.

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Budget VPN for Malaysia with great speeds and a high level of privacy.

Best price
$3.60 per month
Special deal
67% off with 17-month plan
Money-back guarantee
30 Days
Customer Support
Live chat Support
No. of Server Locations
58 Countries
Simultaneous Connections
  1. Reliable speeds globally
  2. Handful of nearby servers
  3. Servers optimized for streaming
  4. High level of privacy and security
  5. User-friendly custom apps
  1. Smaller, untested server network
  2. Live chat support is intermittent
Bottom Line

PrivateVPN is a fairly new VPN, and a solid choice for those living in or traveling to Malaysia, even if there are only a handful of nearby servers.

It’s another zero-logs provider and lives up to its name with loads of security extras like first-party DNS servers and Tor via VPN. It doesn’t even log basic metadata, which could potentially lead to performance issues should the user base expand rapidly, but only time will tell.

Live chat is available, but only intermittently, but the apps are simple enough that you shouldn’t run into too many problems. It’s easy to overlook the minor downsides for just $3.60 a month on the 17-month plan.

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Are VPNs Legal in Malaysia?

Using a VPN in Malaysia is perfectly legal, but it doesn’t exempt you from local laws.

In other words, you shouldn’t do anything while using a VPN that you wouldn’t do without one.

Do I Need a VPN in Malaysia?

With increasing levels of internet censorship and government snooping, it’s absolutely essential to use a VPN in Malaysia.

What’s more, the Fake News Act of April 2018 has already been used as a basis to arrest and prosecute internet users for publishing defamatory content online.

Even if you’re not concerned about the above (you should be) using free WiFi hotspots wherever you are in the world puts your personal information at risk from hackers. A VPN helps to prevent malicious third parties from stealing your data.

How We Picked the Best VPN for Malaysia

Since Malaysia doesn’t block VPN traffic at the moment, the most important aspect of choosing our top picks is server coverage within and around the country. This ensures the best possible speeds so that you can perform any online activities you want without interruption.

A privacy-friendly logging policy, top-notch security, and access to major services like Netflix are also major factors.

We continually test every one of our top picks to keep our recommendations up-to-date and as accurate as possible.

How to Choose a VPN for Malaysia: 5 Tips

  • Is it blocked in Malaysia?

    Unlike China and other high-censorship countries, Malaysia doesn’t currently actively block VPNs. Nevertheless, we’d advise installing the VPN on your device(s) before you travel to the country just in case.

  • Does it have servers in or around Malaysia?

    In order to experience the best possible performance, you should connect to the server closest to your physical location.

    Our top picks all have at least one server in Malaysia, and plenty more in surrounding countries. This allows you to access local content, including popular Malaysian streaming services such as tonton.

  • Will it protect your data and privacy?

    VPNs are first and foremost privacy tools, but not all provide the security tools necessary to prevent your personal information from being exposed to third parties. A secure VPN will use strong encryption and include a VPN kill switch feature.

    Another important aspect to consider is the logging policy. Many VPNs market themselves as ‘zero-logs’ but this is rarely the case. The truth is often hidden within wordy and confusing privacy policies, so we write a concise summary in plain English within the ‘Privacy’ section of our reviews to save you the headache.

  • Will it unblock your favorite sites and services?

    Popular streaming services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer have recently cracked down on VPN traffic, meaning that some can’t grant you access to your favorite shows.

    We test out each VPN with these sites and write down our findings within the ‘Streaming & Torrenting’ section of the provider review.

  • Finally, check the price and money-back guarantee

    Most VPNs offer different price plans to suit each budget. Generally speaking, the longer the subscription the less you’ll pay on a monthly basis.

    If you take the time to choose the right VPN for your needs you shouldn’t need to request a refund, but if you do, be sure to check that the VPN provider offers a money-back guarantee. The best ones usually allow you 30 days to change your mind, with no questions asked.