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Best VPN for Tor

Callum Tennent
By Callum TennentUpdated

VPNs and Tor are two of the most popular digital privacy tools available on the web, but an often-overlooked fact is that they can be used together. Read on to find out our top five VPNs for using with Tor, along with all the extra information you need to know before getting started.

Here are the Most Important Factors When We Review a VPN

  1. Servers dedicated to Tor
  2. No need for a special browser to visit .onion sites
  3. Minimal manual configuration required
  4. Transparent, fair and privacy-focused logging policies
  5. Useful privacy features
  6. Reliable and fast speeds

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Ranked #1 out of 98 VPNs for Tor

Works with

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky, HBO, Torrenting, Kodi

Available on

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Ios
  4. Android
  5. Linux
  1. Bespoke 'Onion Over VPN' service
  2. Two servers dedicated to Tor
  3. Can be used in your normal browser
  4. Trustworthy zero-logs policy
  1. Both Tor servers are in Europe
The Bottom Line

NordVPN may be just fractions away from our highest rated provider overall, but when it comes to Tor it’s our clear top choice.

It makes access to .onion websites as simple as possible – just connect to either of its Onion Over VPN servers.

You don’t have to use a special web browser, and NordVPN’s airtight logging policy only further enhances your anonymity.

Ranked #2 out of 98 VPNs for Tor

Works with

Netflix, Hulu, Torrenting, Kodi

Available on

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Ios
  4. Android
  5. Linux
  1. Integrated Tor over VPN
  2. Three Tor servers across three continents
  3. Works with any browser
  4. No logs collected for heightened anonymity
  1. No live chat support
The Bottom Line

ProtonVPN really stands out as a Tor VPN thanks to its three dedicated servers.

Speed is always an issue with Tor, but a server in each of Asia, Europe, and North America should help minimize the issue.

What’s more, you don’t have to download a new browser and it won’t log anything you do while connected to the service.

Ranked #3 out of 98 VPNs for Tor

Works with

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky, HBO, Torrenting, Kodi

Available on

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Ios
  4. Android
  5. Linux
  1. .onion access from any server
  2. 110 cities in 65 countries covered
  3. Tor works with a variety of protocols
  1. Expensive
  2. Live chat doesn't always work
The Bottom Line

Astrill is unique in that it lets you access Tor from any server on its network.

There’s zero added setup required and you can use your standard browser – just connect and navigate to the .onion domain of your choosing.

That ease of use combined with its leading array of advanced privacy options makes Astrill a fantastic choice for Tor.

Ranked #4 out of 98 VPNs for Tor

Works with

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky, HBO, Torrenting, Kodi

Available on

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Ios
  4. Android
  1. Custom Tor over VPN service
  2. Dedicated Tor server in USA, Asia & EU
  3. Strong logging policy
  1. Clunky app
  2. Unlikely to work in China
  3. Not as fast as its rivals
The Bottom Line

ibVPN may not be close to our highest scoring VPNs when it comes to our overall rankings, but it’s still a top choice for Tor.

Its three Tor-dedicated servers are located in the US, Netherlands and Singapore, so you should be able to keep your speeds as strong as possible.

It’s not quite as fast as its rivals on this list, not is it quite as user friendly, but there aren’t many providers that take Tor this seriously.

Ranked #5 out of 98 VPNs for Tor

Works with

Torrenting, Kodi

Available on

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. Linux
  1. .onion access wherever you're connected
  2. Set it up once for permanent access
  3. Works with other advanced security settings
  4. Zero-logs privacy policy
  1. Requires fairly longwinded additional setup
  2. Only works via Mozilla Firefox
  3. Only works on Microsoft Windows
  4. Expensive
The Bottom Line

If you’re a Microsoft Windows user exclusively then you may want to consider Perfect Privacy.

It requires some extra technical setup, and it’s only usable via Mozilla’s Firefox browser, but once you’re up and running you’re all set.

You can use it from any server and in combination with a wealth of extra security features – it’s definitely on the pricey side, though.

How We Picked the Best VPN for Tor

Given that Tor is web browser you’d be forgiven for thinking that any VPN would work with it, but that’s not the case.

We set a high bar for our recommendations, picking not just quality providers that work with Tor, but those that actively accommodate it within their apps.

All our recommendations work without you having to download and set up a dedicated Tor browser, and the very best even have Tor-optimized servers.

After that we also made sure to only recommend providers with the most stringent logging policies so that you can be sure your browsing habits are kept anonymous.

Do I Need to Use a VPN with Tor?

It’s a fair question, and one that most users of either service may well have not thought to ask.

A good VPN and the Tor browser both have the same basic objective: to keep you anonymous online. While using both at once (known as ‘Tor over VPN’) doesn’t necessarily make you twice as secure, it certainly isn’t a bad idea.

Ordinarily, the server upon which you enter the Tor network would be able to see your IP address – using a VPN prevents this. It also stops your ISP from seeing that you’re using Tor, something it could otherwise easily do.

It’s only something we’d recommend for real privacy fanatics, though, or for those who simply want to browse .onion sites on the Dark Web. The negative effect it has on speeds will likely not be worth it otherwise.

How to Choose a VPN for Tor: 5 Tips

  • Does it have dedicated Tor servers?

    The very best VPNs for Tor will have clearly labelled servers that are dedicated to Tor traffic.

    If they work properly, all you’ll have to do is connect to them and then start browsing .onion sites – all within your usual web browser.

  • Is it Tor-configurable?

    It’s not the end of the world if a VPN doesn’t have dedicated Tor servers – there are plenty that can be made to work with just a little manual configuration.

    After the one-time configuration you’re set from then onwards, although there’s a chance it may restrict you to using Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

  • What is its logging policy?

    After going to all those lengths to protect your privacy it would be a shame to go and hand all your information over to an untrustworthy provider.

    When you connect to Tor via a VPN you’re entrusting that provider with your browsing information. The best ones will explicitly state that they aren’t watching or logging what you do.

  • Check connection, encryption and security features

    Tor is a thoroughly anonymous service, but you’ll still want to use a VPN that’s super-secure in its own right.

    A safe protocol, thorough encryption, and extras like a kill switch are all important features designed to keep you even safer.

  • Finally, check the price and money-back guarantee

    Even the most expensive VPN plans can be made affordable by taking out a longer subscription.

    Don’t bother with a one-month plan – 12-month plans typically offer the best value and you can reduce the risk of buyer’s remorse by choosing one with a long refund period.

    We’d advise a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee – they essentially act as a free trial period.

    Make the right choice, though, and you hopefully won’t be thinking about a refund at all.