Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker is one of the internet’s foremost EU policy and tech legislation journalists. She’s the recipient of a lengthy list of awards, having been named one of Onalytica’s top 100 influencers on data security (2016), Politico’s top 20 women shaping Brussels (2017), and ZN Consulting’s top EU technology influencers (2017, 2018, 2019).

This recognition has seen Jennifer feature for tech heavyweights such as ArsTechnica, The Next Web, ComputerWeekly, Macworld, PCWorld, and The Register.

Articles by Jennifer Baker

Man looking at phone and laptop in a cafe

The Problem with EU Telcos Flouting Net Neutrality

European telcos already use deep packet inspection to monitor web traffic. Soon its use for surveillance and profiling could be enshrined in law

Tech Companies Merger Too Much Data Header Image

Mergers Off? Tech Companies Could Get Too Much Data

Big Tech companies can amass colossal datasets through mergers and acquisitions - and the European Commission could rule these moves anti-competitive.

Cookie Consent Header Image

The Cookie Crumbles: How We’re Manipulated into Giving Consent

Many sites employ design and wording tactics to manipulate users into consenting to sharing their data