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How to Install Kodi on a Firestick

Rebecca Duff
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Installing Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick enhances the functionality of your device. This guide provides the quickest and easiest method.

The Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick essentially run the same operating system. There are a few hardware differences, but nothing to worry about here. So for the purposes of this guide, we’ll use both terms interchangeably.

What You’ll Need

To follow this guide you’ll need an Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV updated to the latest firmware. If you’re using the Stick, we recommend that you use a Gen 2 or above.

How to Install Kodi on a Fire TV

The process is quick and simple:

  1. On your Fire TV or Stick, navigate to Settings, then Developer Options, and Enable apps from unknown sources
  2. Go back to the Home screen, and open the App Store
  3. Search for the Downloader app and install it
  4. Open Downloader and search for the Kodi app
  5. Select the Android version of the Kodi app, and then select the 32-bit version
  6. When the VPN app is done downloading, click Install.

Downloading an app in this way won’t harm your device or invalidate your warranty. If anything goes wrong, just factory reset your device to undo your changes.

Need More Help?

All of the traffic that flows to your Amazon device is visible to your ISP. In order to protect your privacy, we recommend that you also install a good quality VPN app on your device, or on your router, so why not have a look at our latest VPN recommendations.

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