Cybersecurity company BullGuard has expanded its product line by launching the BullGuard VPN service. It’s available to download on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices, and can be used on up to six devices simultaneously.

Paul Lipman, CEO of BullGuard, says: “In today’s cyberthreat landscape, security and privacy must be equally addressed in order to adequately protect consumers.” He believes that BullGuard VPN offers a reliable solution to this, by enabling customers to “safeguard their online privacy in a fast, easy and seamless way…wherever they go.”

BullGuard VPN works by hiding your true IP address, preventing any third parties (including your Internet Service Provider) from seeing what you’re doing online, or passing your personal data onto advertising companies without your consent.

It will also allow users in high censorship countries to access content that would otherwise be blocked in their country, by allowing them to appear to be connecting out from another location.

BullGuard VPN comes with 16 server locations, including countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Singapore and Australia. Users can either manually select the server they wish to connect to or select the ‘Quick Connect’ option, which will choose the best performing server using a proprietary formula.

It comes with other useful features such as a VPN kill switch, which automatically terminates your internet activity in the case of a VPN connection failure, preventing your IP address from being exposed. You can also select the ‘Auto-Connect’ setting to automatically switch the VPN on if you connect to an unsecured WiFi network.

BullGuard additionally offers 24/7 customer support, so users that experience any issues can get in touch with a technical support agent no matter what time it is.

This VPN is the latest in a whole suite of cybersecurity features offered by BullGuard, including Antivirus, Identity Protection, Mobile Security, and even an award-winning IoT (Internet of Things) vulnerability scanner, named Dojo.
The company partnered with top-rated VPN provider NordVPN in November 2018 in an attempt to boost consumer privacy, and aims to enable users to “connect confidently, control easily, and travel freely throughout your digital world”. It believes that consumers “deserve more when it comes to security”, and attempts to provide a simple, reliable solution.