Market leading VPN provider ExpressVPN recently announced its plan to partner with Mozilla Firefox in order to build “a more private and secure internet experience”. It plans to do this by offering a 7-day free trial of the VPN service to Firefox Lite users in four countries (India, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines), which will help them “secure their connections and ensure their data is not exposed to prying eyes”.

Firefox Lite (formerly branded as Firefox Rocket) is a lightweight Android browser specifically designed with Asian users in mind. It was first launched exclusively in Indonesia one year ago, and the response was so positive it prompted Mozilla to broaden its availability to meet users’ needs across a wider range of countries.

One of the main selling points of Firefox Lite is that it takes up less than 3.5MB of storage on your device, meaning it can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Another great feature is Turbo Mode, which reduces your data usage and loads websites faster by blocking third-party ads. It also doesn’t record or track your browsing history, passwords or cookies if you use private browsing mode.

According to ExpressVPN, Firefox Lite users are typically very conscious about keeping data consumption low and speed high, so will often turn to public WiFi hotspots, such as those in coffee shops or restaurants. The major issue here is that these are incredibly insecure, and connecting to them makes you vulnerable to a whole host of potential attacks that could result in your personal data being stolen by pretty much anyone that wanted to take it.

Earlier this year, Mozilla invited a series of popular VPN providers to take part in a rigorous selection process that assessed security standards, ease of use and loads of other key factors, to help it make an informed decision. According to Mozilla, ExpressVPN was chosen due to its reliable performance, “industry-leading” leak protection, 24/7 customer support and strong track record of advocacy for digital rights, along with several other factors.

Through its partnership with Mozilla, ExpressVPN hopes to continue “making it easy for everyone around the world to access the internet freely, privately and securely” by equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to protect themselves online. You can see its press release on the subject here.