On Monday 27 May ExpressVPN published a blog post announcing that it had given its browser extensions a ‘complete overhaul’. Not only have they been completely redesigned, they also include a whole host of extra privacy features to help keep you safe online.

Because the browser extensions work in conjunction with the ExpressVPN desktop apps, they give you the full protection of a VPN, unlike the proxy extensions offered by most other popular VPN services. They’re also very easy to download and install – simply visit the ExpressVPN website or download your chosen extension from the Chrome or Firefox Store.

ExpressVPN’s browser extensions include a featured developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), called HTTPS Everywhere. This aims to provide ExpressVPN users with an additional layer of protection when they’re browsing, by ensuring that they’re always automatically directed to the safer, HTTPS version of thousands of major websites.

HTTPS Everywhere works regardless of whether or not you’re connected to ExpressVPN, so even if you don’t want to encrypt your browser traffic, you can still ensure you’re visiting the most secure version of popular websites.

The revamped browser extensions also provide a ‘spoof location feature’, which allows you to disguise your geolocation on HTML5 websites. Without this, even if you’re connected to a VPN, certain sites are still able to determine your true physical location. They do this using information such as nearby WiFi networks, your system’s location settings, or your device’s GPS.

With ExpressVPN’s ‘spoof location’ turned on, your actual location remains totally hidden to any websites you visit, ensuring the highest level of online privacy.

The browser extensions also protect you from WebRTC leaks while connected to ExpressVPN. This is a feature not offered by many other providers, and solves a browser issue that would otherwise enable your ISP and other third parties to determine your true IP address and physical location, even when using a VPN.

As well as these, ExpressVPN’s browser extensions also allow you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect from the VPN from your browser, and make it incredibly simple to change your VPN server location. There’s an optional auto-connect feature that will connect you to your last-used ExpressVPN location, and you can view your VPN connection status in the browser toolbar.

Full installation instructions can be found on the ExpressVPN website.