Leading VPN provider ExpressVPN has released an update app for Mac and Android users in what it says in a recent blog post is “stronger, faster, smarter”.

The number one VPN in Top10VPN.com’s rankings, ExpressVPN claims that the overhaul has made the app “easier to navigate”, filled with ergonomic new tools, greater customisation options, and a shortcut bar that allows you to store any app or website you desire.

The single click adjustments continue with a one-tap location switch for the users most recent servers, meaning that you are less inclined to leave the main home screen in order to swap.

The changes have made it simpler for customers to mark server locations for specific purposes and select said server with ease – one favored server for privacy and another for streaming, for example. This saves time spent potentially scrolling between countries.

Alongside the design revamp, ExpressVPN goes on to suggest that connectivity and reliability has also been upgraded with the new app – quicker to launch, “lightning quick” connection, and faster streaming.

There is also a win for transparency: diagnostic information has been made more easily attainable, “just a couple of clicks” away. This means that important security information such as IP Address Checker, DNS Leak Test, and WebRTC Leak Test tools are now even easier to find.

Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t seem that these recent changes will apply to Windows and iOS apps. We contacted ExpressVPN about this and were told that they are actively attempting to update it across all platforms but currently have no specific date as to when.

Still, these welcome changes help to fortify ExpressVPN’s position as the foremost recommended VPN service provider – our independent review praises it for its consistency, speed and security.