As of November 24 2018, Ntrepid Corporation’s consumer VPN service Anonymizer will be discontinued, as the company shifts its focus exclusively to business solutions. All existing Anonymizer users have been given two options – they can either agree to transfer their subscription to Finjan’s InvinciBull service, or they can terminate their account and move to another VPN provider of their choosing.

Lance Cottrell, Chief Scientist at Ntrepid, states that InvinciBull was Anonymizer’s “first choice for a partner”, and reveals that Anonymizer has “the highest confidence in them” to best take care of its existing customers’ needs. According to June Bower, InvinciBull’s Head of Marketing, the company’s mission to protect people from malicious online content “aligns extremely well with Anonymizer’s value”, and she says that Anonymizer is “very excited” to join forces with such a reputable brand.

Anonymizer users have been given one month to decide whether or not they wish to transfer their services to InvinciBull. Those who wish to opt out need not do anything, but those who do need to consent to the account transfer on or before November 24 2018.

InvinciBull has agreed to renew all subscriptions at no additional cost to the user, meaning they will pay exactly the same as they would have with Anonymizer. However, after their original Anonymizer subscription comes to an end, their account will automatically be renewed at InvinciBull’s prices, unless they elect to terminate their subscription beforehand.

There are a few privacy concerns that come with this transfer of information, however – namely the fact that both companies require users to consent to their data being stored for one year by InvinciBull and three years by Anonymizer. They state that this is to “accommodate any requests or complaints… and to handle cases of fraud, chargebacks, abuse, or similar issues related to your account”, and users automatically consent to this by agreeing to the account transfer.

Finjan Holdings, owner and operator of InvinciBull, was established 20 years ago and is a global presence in cybersecurity. We are yet to review this particular VPN on our own site, but it looks to be a safer solution than Anonymizer. If you want our recommendations for the most secure VPNs that offer the best performance, check out our top picks here.

If you want to take a look at Anonymizer and InvinciBull’s press releases regarding the acquisition, you can find them here and here.