Hide.me has added several new features for users of its Mac app. These include split tunneling, a proprietary Stealth Guard feature and the ability to auto-connect to the VPN when using specific networks.

The blog post on Hide.me’s website says that the changes were introduced “[t]o make sure that our Mac users can have a worry-free browsing and streaming experience from all sorts of internet threats such as snooping, IP leaks, surveillance, and data breaches.”

While the look of the Mac app remains the same, the new features make it easier for people to customize their security features. The auto-connect feature will help on-the-go users who want to make sure that they’re always connected to their VPN when using public WiFi.

The new Stealth Guard feature works similarly to a kill switch, with additional peace of mind: rather than cutting off access to an app when connection drops, users with Stealth Guard active will not be able to even open apps they have designated as only for use with a VPN. This provides an additional layer of security for users who want the option of a kill switch.

Split tunneling allows users to route some of their traffic outside of the secure VPN tunnel while still remaining connected to the Hide.me VPN. This can be helpful for users who need to maintain the fastest possible internet connection for some purposes while remaining secure elsewhere. It’ll also help business users who want to use their office network’s printer while surfing the internet securely.

Hide.me is one of a number of VPNs to offer a custom MacOS app, and also has native VPN apps for Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS among others. You can read our full Hide.me VPN review here.