On Friday June 7 ibVPN emailed subscribers to announce the launch of version 2.6.0 of its browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

The improved browser extensions come with an updated user interface that matches ibVPN’s website, which was redesigned in November 2018.

The email announcing the new browser add-ons says that users will benefit from “improved overall performance” and a server list that auto-updates every two hours to reflect available servers.

The update also fixed some previous known bugs in the browser extension software.

The browser add-ons create proxy connections that can be used for spoofing your IP address and bypassing geo-restrictions, explains ibVPN in a blog post detailing the difference between a VPN and a browser extension.

While ibVPN uses cipher AES-256 to encrypt internet traffic through its VPN service, the proxy extensions do not encrypt traffic with VPN protocols, meaning that they shouldn’t be used for those seeking high levels of privacy.

They also lack the extra security features included in the main VPN apps, including the VPN kill switch and IPv6 leak blocking.

“With all the threats lurking at the internet’s corners, you need as much online security as you can get. For an enhanced security level and data encryption, you need to use a VPN,” says the blog post.

ibVPN’s browser extensions are available to subscribers of the Standard VPN, Ultimate VPN, and ibDNS plans.

Users of the Torrent VPN plan are invited to upgrade their subscription in order to access the improved browser extensions. Alternatively they can use the extensions in ‘Guest Mode’, which allows users to access to all the premium settings but only a limited number of server locations.

Users can try out the premium plans risk-free with ibVPN’s 24-hour free trial, or they can take advantage of the 15-day money-back guarantee.

ibVPN, which according to its website has over 1,00,000 users worldwide, also offers custom VPN apps for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android smartphones.

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