IPVanish released a blog post on Thursday 20 June announcing a brand new release of its custom VPN app for Windows. The updated version of the app, IPVanish v3.4+, signals a complete overhaul of the system’s internal workings, improving the compatibility of IPVanish with more system configurations and a higher level of stability.

One major change is the improvements to the user interface in the Windows app. IPVanish has now introduced a rating system within the list of VPN server locations, helping users to make informed selections by displaying the live connection quality of each server. The ‘Favorite’ setting has also been slightly changed, meaning a ‘Parent’ location will now also be set as a ‘Favorite’ when a specific server from that Parent is favorited.

Another new feature is extra information within the advanced security settings menu, explaining more complicated features to unfamiliar users. The ‘Obfuscate’ setting has also been relabeled as ‘Scramble’, which is a clearer indication of what it actually does when activated.

IPVanish’s update also means faster VPN performance, as RAM and CPU usage has been reduced by more than 35% across the board, massively improving response times. Improvements to the automatic server selection algorithm now ensure that the best server for performance is selected, rather than the closest. There have also been lots of behind-the-scenes technical changes to increase IPVanish’s speed.

The Windows app is now available in three additional languages: Spanish, Russian and Hindi. IPVanish states that more languages are coming soon. Additional keyboard shortcuts have also been added – these are accessible in the ‘About’ section of the app.

In terms of security enhancements, IPVanish has introduced updates to IPv6 handling, DNS leak prevention, and network filtering to ensure you stay safe while connected to the VPN. It has also updated its OpenVPN to 2.4.6 with the latest OpenSSL 1.1.0 version, and improved TAP device installation so it will work with more configurations.

Existing IPVanish users can install the newly-released Windows client by launching the IPVanish app and updated to the latest software. New users will simply need to download the Windows app from the IPVanish website, with no additional manual configuration required.

If you encounter any problems while using the new version of IPVanish, you can contact its customer support team 24/7 via live chat, phone or email.