Ivacy VPN has partnered with confidential cryptocurrency BEAM. This means that prospective Ivacy customers can make financial transactions through an additional privacy-friendly method of payment.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset built around cryptographic protocols, not controlled by any central authority and so immune to interference from banks or governments. They are a real plus when it comes to VPNs, as they amount to secure transactions that privacy-conscious individuals can take advantage of to leave as minimal a digital footprint as possible. They are also known to be safer and more secure from the prospect of theft and hacks.

BEAM is a non-profit foundation, and another cryptocurrency (altcoin) that aims to carry out transactions in a secure manner online, keeping details completely private by storing no information in the blockchain. It also supports offline transactions, atomic swap and has a wallet app for mobile and PC.

In a blog post, Ivacy said: “[Ivacy’s] partnership with BEAM is a testament to that fact that Ivacy’s commitment to privacy is unparalleled. So if you are looking to anonymize your financials online, it’s high time you start taking advantage of BEAM.”

Ivacy already offers a larger than usual range of payment options, including most major credit and debit cards, PayPal, several forms of cryptocurrency, and a multitude of other methods through its partnership with Paymentwall: Alipay, Dotpay, Neosurf and many more.

Ivacy is one of our highest-rated VPN services at the time of writing. Our reviewer found it to be a strong choice for those seeking an affordable VPN that doesn’t compromise on privacy.