Gibraltar-based IVPN announced the release of its new Windows VPN app on July 11 and, with it, integrated support for the WireGuard VPN protocol.

In December 2018 the VPN company first launched in-app support for the protocol, which aims to be faster and more secure than current industry standards like OpenVPN.

Since then users have been able to connect to dedicated WireGuard servers using IVPN’s MacOS, Android, and iOS custom apps.

At the time of release, WireGuard was not officially supported by Windows devices, and so a native app with integrated support remained on IVPN’s to-do list.

In a blog post announcing the recent development, IVPN CEO Nick Pestell wrote: “Since [December], feedback from our subscribers who have tested the solution have been overwhelmingly positive,

“After a recent release [for Windows] by the team behind the protocol, we are now happy to offer the test use of WireGuard in all of our applications.”

IVPN is not the only VPN service to adopt the new protocol, with Astrill, AzireVPN, and Mullvad also providing support, but it is the first known VPN service to integrate WireGuard into custom apps for all four main platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

WireGuard promises to be “simple and easy-to-use,” “cryptographically sound,” and “thoroughly considered.” It can be implemented with far fewer lines of code than OpenVPN, the current leading standard, which makes it easily auditable for security vulnerabilities.

However, the blog post – as well as the official WireGuard website – does come with a very clear warning to potential users. The protocol is still under “heavy development” and “should be considered experimental.”

WireGuard was also not developed for commercial VPN use, and possesses some features that don’t sit well with no-logs VPNs such as IVPN.

Its requirement for the assigning of non-public IP for each user is one of the main reasons why other VPN services like ExpressVPN have so far eschewed its adoption.

IVPN has addressed some of these privacy issues in another post and offered some technical solutions in hope of being able to recommend WireGuard as a default VPN protocol for the future.

IVPN’s WireGuard-supported Windows app is available for download from the VPN’s website, and those who haven’t already subscribed can take advantage of IVPN’s three-day free trial in order to test out the service.