IVPN has added a new feature to its range of VPN apps that allows users to block ads and data trackers. The addition, named AntiTracker, promises to speed up your connection and improve privacy protection.

The Gibraltar-based VPN company announced the new feature in a blog post, saying: “IVPN’s core mission is to help people control what information they share with others,

“Thousands of companies track your movement across websites, profile your activities and sell that information to advertisers or the highest bidding data brokers,

“Adding an ad blocker to our core service provides multiple benefits. First, it makes the browsing experience faster and less overwhelming.”

According to the blog post, IVPN uses a DNS-based blocking solution that works more effectively than the ad blockers that come in the form of browser extensions.

In addition to the ad blocker, IVPN’s AntiTracker also blocks data trackers that companies use to build profiles of users by tracking their browsing habits.

AntiTracker comes with an optional ‘Hardcore’ mode which makes Facebook and Google inaccesible, and blocks all requests to sites owned by them. IVPN brands the duo “the flagship bearers of the surveillance economy.”

“An enhanced privacy protection is what we work towards at IVPN, we consider this even more valuable than ad blocking; so naming the tool ‘AntiTracker’ seemed a logical choice. This way every user of our VPN service can block not only unwanted ads, adware and malicious websites, but also data tracking operations,” says IVPN.

In order to take advantage of IVPN’s AntiTracker, users must download the latest versions of IVPN’s custom apps from its website and enable the feature from within the app’s settings. The user interface utilizes a simple slide-on-slide-off function.

IVPN warns Android users that they won’t be able to download the latest version from the Google Play Store due to Google’s policies. Instead they must download the software directly from IVPN’s website.

IVPN became a “tracking free provider” in February 2019 and as such stopped advertising its services on Facebook or Google Ads.

IVPN no longer works with ad networks that target users based on their individual profiles, and it removed the small number of third party tools and trackers it had on its website including Unbounce and Adobe Typekit.

The VPN company invites users to provide feedback about the new feature by sending the support team a message on the provided email form.

“Thank you for supporting the vision of a tracking free future!” concludes IVPN’s blog post.