Le VPN has recently expanded its VPN server network to include six new locations – Greece, Hong Kong, Guadeloupe, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. This brings the total number of countries in its VPN server network up to 120, with a good spread of servers all over the world.

Perhaps most significant are the three new additions in Africa, as this almost doubles the number of server locations available on the continent. Previously, Le VPN users were only able to connect to its VPN servers located in Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, and South Africa, which are no good for those in the North-Eastern countries.

The new Le VPN server in Guadeloupe adds to its already extensive coverage in South and Central America and the Caribbean, now comprising 34 individual server locations. This includes traditional options such as Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia, as well as those usually less well-served, including Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Saint Lucia.

Greece is the 43rd European country to be added to Le VPN’s server network, meaning it’s now possible for users almost all over Europe to connect to a server in the same country as them. In fact, the only European countries now without Le VPN servers are Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, San Marino, and Slovakia.

Hong Kong adds to Le VPN’s already comprehensive lineup of VPN servers in Asian nations, coming in at number 14. It joins existing servers in India, Japan, and Singapore, as well as some slightly more unusual options such as Sri Lanka and Taiwan. Le VPN is also one of the very few VPN services to offer its own VPN server in mainland China.

Along with these six new VPN servers, Le VPN has also made some changes to its existing server infrastructure in order to improve performance. This involved changing its servers in Cyprus, Serbia, and Chile from virtual to physical, meaning the servers are now actually located in the countries themselves.

At the same time as updating its server network, Le VPN has also been uploading new video tutorials to its YouTube channel, and these are now available in four languages – English, French, Spanish, and Russian. These cover everything from how to use the Le VPN app, to step-by-step guides to manually configuring various devices to work with different VPN protocols.