Mozilla has decided to team up with Swiss VPN provider ProtonVPN in an attempt to ‘find new ways to keep Internet users safe’.

The US-based non-profit organization is conducting a series of tests to see how select Firefox users react to being presented with a prompt to purchase the VPN, after which it may roll out the recommendation to a wider audience.

As of October 24, randomly-selected desktop Firefox users will be shown a pop-up offer to purchase a monthly subscription to ProtonVPN (Mozilla has included examples of how this screen may look on its website). After signing up for the service, these users will then be able to download and install the VPN software onto their device – there are custom apps available for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Android. The VPN can be turned on or off at any time, there’s no commitment to use it regularly, and the subscription can be cancelled within 30 days.

Mozilla states that it evaluated a very long list of ‘market-leading VPN services’ before it eventually settled on ProtonVPN, considering factors such as network security, local privacy laws, company track record and the quality of customer support on offer. According to Mozilla, ProtonVPN beat the competition due to its strict privacy policy, Swiss jurisdiction and reliable, user-friendly software that will appeal to both new and experienced VPN users. It’s also owned by the creators of ProtonMail, a popular privacy-focused email service.

It will cost users $10 on a monthly basis, which is exactly the same price as the ‘Plus’ plan advertised on ProtonVPN’s website. It’s not yet been made clear whether or not there will be an option to pay for 12 months upfront, as this would mean a saving of 20%, bringing the cost down to a reasonable $8.00 each month. The majority of the revenue from user subscriptions will go directly to Mozilla, supporting its mission to ‘build a better internet’.

Mozilla will be monitoring both user and community feedback throughout this experimental phase, and states that it’s ‘excited to bring the protection of a VPN to more people’. If you want to read our independent review of ProtonVPN, you can check it out here. It’s one of our top picks for privacy, hassle-free streaming and usability.