Mullvad VPN, a popular VPN service based in Sweden, has today announced the in-app inclusion of the WireGuard protocol for MacOS and Linux. 

WireGuard is a new and promising security protocol for VPNs with up-to-date ciphers. It seeks to be a faster and simpler alternative to the protocols currently available, reducing the disconnections and complex set-ups associated with OpenVPN and IPSec. Early tests seem to validate the speed and security of WireGuard.

WireGuard has been supported by Mullvad VPN since February of this year, but it required some complex manual configuration and, as described in a Mullvad release: “Activating it required using the command line, and it had a number of bugs.” 

This new update looks to amend that by making the protocol easy to access and use within the app. It is not the default protocol so users have to manually activate it within Mullvad VPN’s advanced settings, which is quite easy. 

But Windows users have to wait a little longer. In the same statement, Mullvad said: “WireGuard for Windows is slightly behind and is not included in this release, but it will arrive in a later release!”

Mullvad also announced improvements and updates on the already existing OpenVPN and OpenSSL protocols.

Mullvad VPN scores highly in our VPN review, and is particularly strong when it comes to security features, as this new update attests to.