New Zealand has become the latest addition to the Norton Secure VPN global server network, bringing the total up to 29 locations.

Based in the North Island city of Auckland, the server will likely become first-choice for many New Zealanders who use Norton’s VPN service.

Previous to its introduction, the closest available server for New Zealanders was the one located in Melbourne, Australia. Connecting to a server within the same country will lead to an increase in speed for those living in the island nation.

“With the launch of our new Auckland server, Kiwis should experience better performance along with the same security protection to help keep their personal and financial information safe,” says Norton Pacific Senior Director Mark Gorrie.

The new server comes at the ideal time as New Zealanders prepare for their summer vacations. Using a VPN abroad is particularly important as people navigate unsecured public WiFi hotspots, risking the exposure of their personal information to hackers.

VPNs encrypt data so that attackers can’t intercept traffic transmitted over the network such as bank details, passwords, and other privacy-sensitive information.

Other obstacles that vacation-goers face are local government censorship blocks and geo-related content restrictions. The new Auckland server will allow New Zealanders to access local music and video content such as TVNZ OnDemand and SkyGo.

VPNs are not just a vacation essential. In fact, the New Zealand government actively monitors the activity of internet users and is a member of the international intelligence-sharing alliance ‘Five Eyes’. Using a VPN prevents a user’s ISP from seeing their online activities and passing it onto third parties, such as government authorities.

“We want New Zealanders to have best in class service and protection,” says Gorrie, adding: “New Zealanders using Norton Secure VPN can have confidence that whether they are checking their bank accounts at the beach or shopping online at an airport, they can do so knowing their information has protection.”

Norton Secure VPN offers basic protection for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices for the monthly price of $3.33 (4.86 NZD)*.

*Prices and conversions correct at the time of writing