NordVPN Announces Launch of File Encryption Software NordLocker

Today NordVPN revealed the upcoming launch of its latest privacy venture NordLocker, which aims to protect users in a way that a VPN service cannot – by encrypting personal files on and offline.

The Panama-based VPN company announced the launch of its new software in a blog post saying: “For some time now, we’ve been quietly working on something awesome. Something that will enhance your digital security beyond the VPN capabilities.”

Hoping to become an “all-around cybersecurity solution people trust,” the NordVPN team have developed NordLocker, a technology that uses encryption algorithms AES-256 and 4096-bit RSA to secure files stored on a computer or cloud and keep them private.

According to the blog post, NordLocker will be released to the public this summer and will include simple custom apps for MacOS and Microsoft Windows.

NordVPN emphasized that user-friendliness was a priority in the development of the NordLocker apps, saying: “We want to make top-notch data security available for everyone – regardless of their tech skills.”

Users can encrypt files using NordLocker’s simple drag-and-drop folder system, and share them securely by managing access permissions.

However, NordVPN’s new file encryption software is not cloud storage, which it says often lacks security features and is vulnerable to “hacking, data breaches, and any other unauthorized access.”

Instead, NordLocker can be used alongside all current cloud storage providers – users are simply encouraged to encrypt files using the technology before uploading them to the cloud.

“From vacation photos to your digital creations and documents of any kind – nearly all files contain bits of sensitive information,” says the blog post.

NordVPN stresses that banking details, financial documents, IDs, and passwords should never be stored unsecured as it puts users at risk of identity theft or loss of money.

NordLocker is not only aimed at individuals but at small businesses too: “If you’re an entrepreneur, programmer, researcher, or any other professional in the process of creating something big, you want to keep it confidential as long as you see fit.”

Those who are keen to try out the software before public release can sign up for early access here.