NordVPN has introduced some changes to its native app for iOS, including compatibility with the Siri Shortcuts app and an auto-connect feature that helps users to protect their device on public WiFi.

“With a focus on security and usability, we’ve been making the NordVPN app for iOS better and stronger than ever before,” says the blog post on NordVPN’s website.

While the aesthetic of the app remains the same, NordVPN has added new features that help make online security and privacy easier for the user.

These include compatibility with Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, the ability to connect to a server from the iPhone lock screen, an auto-connect setting to protect users connecting to public WiFi, and the integration of NordVPN’s CyberSec technology which aims to block malware.

Users can now enable and disable NordVPN’s internet traffic encryption with their voice by asking Siri “Hey Siri, where’s my online security?”, “Hey Siri, connect NordVPN”, or any other phrase they input into the Shortcuts app.

For the time being voice commands are limited to connecting to and disconnecting from the VPN, but NordVPN intends to add more Siri-compatible functions in the future.

Alternatively, iPhone users can connect to recently used servers from the lock screen with NordVPN’s improved app widget.

For those who forget to connect in order to protect their online connections when out and about, the new Auto-Connect feature ensures that NordVPN automatically encrypts traffic when the device connects to WiFi networks.

CyberSec is another recent addition to the app for iPhones and iPads. NordVPN’s proprietary technology aims to “automatically block harmful websites so that no malware or other cyber threats can infect your device” and prevent pop-ups and auto-play ads.

All of these new features can be found within the app’s settings menu, but NordVPN informs users that they must first update the software from within the App Store in order to take advantage of them.

NordVPN’s iOS app is just one of a wide range of custom apps, including native solutions for Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux, and Android TV. NordVPN promises that “more exciting things are yet to come.”