ProtonVPN Adds Four New Servers in Bulgaria

ProtonVPN has announced the addition of four new servers located in Sofia, Bulgaria – the first time the VPN service has provided coverage in the Balkans region.

The new servers, which are available to Basic, Plus, and Visionary plan subscribers, will allow users in the region to enjoy better speeds, and improve overall performance across the rest of the server network.

ProtonVPN users in and outside of the country can now use a Bulgarian IP address in order to access geo-specific content and local web services.

For example, Bulgarian Nova TV’s Nova Play streaming service is only accessible with a Bulgarian IP address.

Two out of the four servers permit P2P activity and torrenting (BG#3 and BG#4), but they are restricted to users on the Plus and Visionary plans.

In a blog post, ProtonVPN said that the new addition is part of the VPN’s “aggressive expansion” and came “ahead of schedule.” There are currently just under 400 individual servers in ProtonVPN’s network.

Along with Bulgaria, ProtonVPN introduced eight other servers in late 2018 in Luxemburg and Belgium, bringing the server network to a total of 33 countries across six continents.

Back in July 2018, ProtonVPN invited users to send their requests for new server locations in a poll – of the top 25 requested countries Bulgaria wasn’t one of them.

The majority of users’ most requested servers are now available, but a handful are yet to be installed, including Mexico, Estonia, and Argentina.

In the post announcing the poll results, ProtonVPN said: “Over the next few months, we’ll be investigating ways to get VPN servers in all these countries online, starting with the top vote winners. However, we will not be following the exact order for several reasons.”

ProtonVPN cited security as one reason why some server location requests may not come to fruition: “If we’re not confident we can keep your data secure, we will not take the risk.”

In order to access the new servers in Bulgaria, users will need to update their software, and ensure that they are on one of the paid-for plans.

Subscribers to the free plan will continue to have access to just three of ProtonVPN’s 33 server locations: Japan, the Netherlands, and the US.