Just a week after it announced new VPN servers in Estonia, ProtonVPN has continued its “aggressive” network expansion into Romania, where the team have installed eight VPN servers.

At the time of writing, users can connect to 464 bare-metal VPN servers in 35 countries worldwide. These are physical servers rather than virtual servers that are used by some VPN services.

ProtonVPN’s newest VPN servers are located in a data center in Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, and are available for users on the paid plans only.

Servers RO#1-3 are available on ProtonVPN’s Basic plan, while users on the Plus or Visionary plans can also connect to RO#4-8.

By connecting to one of the Romania VPN servers, ProtonVPN users can access Romanian content while abroad.

“Because we have servers all around the world, you can also access the Internet as though you are in one of these countries,” says ProtonVPN in a blog post announcing the new servers.

“This means you can use ProtonVPN to stream your favorite movies while you are on vacation or use our service to access content that is being censored — or even to avoid the upcoming “meme ban” in the EU.”

While Freedom House considers Romania “free” and internet censorship remains fairly limited in the country, citizens and visitors should still use a VPN for online privacy and security reasons.

ProtonVPN users living in or visiting Romania will now be able to experience increased VPN performance by connecting to servers within the country, rather than those located farther away.

In a user survey that ProtonVPN carried out in May 2019 to find out where it should install its next VPN servers Romania came in ninth place with 270 votes.

The Switzerland-based VPN company has recently expanded into other Eastern European countries, too, including Estonia and Bulgaria, offering those in the region ample VPN server choice.

It was Mexico that came top of the polls, though, receiving 428 votes in total. However, ProtonVPN is yet to install servers in the country.

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