Encrypt.me has announced on its blog that it will be merging with Buffered VPN, a move that will see Buffered users move over to Encrypt.me apps at no extra cost.

“We’re really excited, and grateful to have Buffered join our cybersecurity family,” said Encrypt.me, which is owned by cybersecurity company NetProtect, part of the J2 Global group.

“With our expansive server network, updated apps, and live-chat support, we’re confident you will be able to enjoy fantastic VPN service for the same great price.”

Buffered users will soon benefit from an extended VPN server network comprised of 70 countries, as opposed to Buffered’s 27, and live chat support, which the previous service lacked.

There is no suggestion that any of Buffered’s infrastructure will remain.

Buffered was initially co-founded by tech entrepreneur Jordan Fried, and was later acquired by 4Choice Limited in February 2017, a company which operates a number of review websites in the VPN and web hosting industries, among others.

It’s not clear precisely when Buffered will cease service but, when it does, users will be offered Encrypt.me’s Family Plan. It allows for up to five users and unlimited devices per account, at no extra cost to their original subscription.

The price of the Family Plan is usually $12.99 a month or $149.99 for 12 months, while Buffered’s current plan is $79 annually.

Users of Buffered VPN should expect an email from Encrypt.me explaining the next steps soon.

In 2013 Encrypt.me, which was then named Cloak, set the goal of becoming the “most trusted VPN service available.” It recently took a step towards that commitment by commissioning an independent audit of its service.

In August 2019 SecurityInnovation carries out a security audit of Encrypt.me’s full range of desktop and mobile apps. The auditors found two vulnerabilities in August 2019, both of which have now been patched by Encrypt.me.

Encrypt.me’s parent company J2 Global has recently acquired a handful of VPN services, including IPVanish, StrongVPN, and most recently SaferVPN.