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Google Home Mini
“Hey Google, What Do You Do With My Data?”

Smart speakers are surging in popularity. How do they protect the data streaming from people’s homes?

Kate O'Flaherty
By Kate O'Flaherty19 Dec 2018  ·  10 mins read
Facebook Portal, portrait
Facebook Portal: Privacy policy breakdown

Targeted ads aren’t off the table and calls won’t be end-to-end encrypted

Natasha Stokes
By Natasha Stokes8 Nov 2018  ·  8 mins read
Woman using social network on phone
Time For a Privacy-Focused Social Network?

Privacy concerns around Facebook and Twitter are sparking interest in new alternatives

Natasha Stokes
By Natasha Stokes5 Nov 2018  ·  13 mins read
China VPN Ban Finally Here: What Does it Mean?

We take a look at at the situation in China now that the government has stopped turning a blind eye to VPN use and banned it.

Ben Dickson
By Ben Dickson29 Mar 2018  ·  7 mins read
Facebook Messenger for Kids Risks
Why Facebook Messenger Kids Is A Bad Idea

Facebook touts its new Messenger Kids app as a safe way for kids to chat. Dig deeper and a more disturbing picture emerges.

Ben Dickson
By Ben Dickson17 Jan 2018  ·  4 mins read
FCC Net Neutrality Vote - Ajit Pai
What Happens if FCC Votes to Kill off Net Neutrality?

Despite zero public support the FCC is set to vote through a plan to repeal net neutrality. Find out what this means for you.

Ben Dickson
By Ben Dickson11 Dec 2017  ·  5 mins read
FaceID A Bad Idea, Say UK Consumers  - Research Shows
Apple FaceID Not a Hit with UK Consumers: New Data

Apple’s Face ID may just be a hit with the earlier adopters as only two in five Brits think it’s a good idea.

Simon Migliano
By Simon Migliano9 Nov 2017  ·  5 mins read
Australia Encryption Stupid
Australia on Encryption: "I'm with Stupid"

Australia is following in the foolish footsteps of the UK in trying to undermine encryption in a misguided bid to fight terrorism.

Claire Broadley
By Claire Broadley27 Oct 2017  ·  4 mins read
Privacy is Email Killer
Lack of Privacy Will be the Email-killer

Email refuses to die but privacy issues and younger users preferring other platforms could finally seal its fate.

Claire Broadley
By Claire Broadley28 Sep 2017  ·  4 mins read
Can You Trust Whatsapp?
Can You Really Trust Whatsapp with Your Secrets?

Should you trust Whatsapp? It may offer end-to-end encryption but there are question marks over the Facebook-owned app.

Claire Broadley
By Claire Broadley26 Sep 2017  ·  3 mins read