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ISP Overblocking Report

Our study with Open Rights Group of UK ISP website blocks reveals hundreds of charity, school and social support websites are being blocked by adult content filters

Simon Migliano
By Simon Migliano16 Apr 2019  ·  10 mins read
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The Dictator's Guide to Internet Surveillance and Censorship

If you’re El Presidente of a small authoritarian country, it’s not all that difficult to implement an all-powerful internet control regime.

Davey Winder
By Davey Winder6 Mar 2019  ·  17 mins read
Venezuela Flag
Internet Shutdown in Venezuela Suppresses Political Dissent

President Maduro ordered shutdown of social apps and Wikipedia to silence critics and limit flow of information

Davey Winder
By Davey Winder4 Feb 2019  ·  10 mins read
London - Big Ben clock tower
UK Snoopers’ Charter: Where Are We Now?

Privacy campaigners are fighting for crucial amendments to UK surveillance law in European high courts

Nicholas Fearn
By Nicholas Fearn30 Jan 2019  ·  9 mins read
Emblem of Vietnam
Vietnam Cyber Law Enables Intensive Surveillance

Foreign tech companies will be required to store data locally, giving authorities oversight of platforms like Facebook and Google

Michael Tatarski
By Michael Tatarski30 Jan 2019  ·  8 mins read
China VPN Ban Finally Here: What Does it Mean?

We take a look at at the situation in China now that the government has stopped turning a blind eye to VPN use and banned it.

Ben Dickson
By Ben Dickson29 Mar 2018  ·  7 mins read
FISA Mass Surveillance - Why Is This A Problem
Why Americans Should Care About FISA Mass Surveillance

The US government has voted to extend FISA mass surveillance laws by another six years. Find out what this means.

Phil Muncaster
By Phil Muncaster18 Jan 2018  ·  5 mins read
FCC Net Neutrality Vote - Ajit Pai
What Happens if FCC Votes to Kill off Net Neutrality?

Despite zero public support the FCC is set to vote through a plan to repeal net neutrality. Find out what this means for you.

Ben Dickson
By Ben Dickson11 Dec 2017  ·  5 mins read
US Customs Social Media Checks
Will Snooping Social Media Make US Borders Safer?

US customs can now demand your passwords and snoop through your social media and personal devices. Is it worth it?

Ben Dickson
By Ben Dickson1 Nov 2017  ·  7 mins read
Australia Encryption Stupid
Australia on Encryption: "I'm with Stupid"

Australia is following in the foolish footsteps of the UK in trying to undermine encryption in a misguided bid to fight terrorism.

Claire Broadley
By Claire Broadley27 Oct 2017  ·  4 mins read