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Free VPN App Investigation

We investigated the top free VPN apps in Apple's App Store and Google Play and found over half were run by secretive Chinese-backed companies

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano6 Dec 2018  ·  20 mins read
Facebook Portal
Privacy Review: Facebook Portal

Facebook’s always-listening smart screen doesn't do enough to justify the potential privacy risk

Natasha Stokes
Natasha Stokes5 Dec 2018  ·  10 mins read
Dead End sign: How to access the data of the deceased?
What happens to Facebook, Apple and Google data after death?

There aren’t many laws for how social media and email data should be handled after someone dies. We need more.

Natasha Stokes
Natasha Stokes28 Nov 2018  ·  10 mins read
Smart speaker, iPhone and privacy?
Opinion: The next big tech battle will be over privacy

With AI startup Silk Labs, Apple is investing in privacy. Google and Amazon seem to be betting on greater personalization.

Natasha Stokes
Natasha Stokes22 Nov 2018  ·  5 mins read
Woebot - a bot for chatting about mental health
Can you trust your AI therapist?

Chatbots to help people deal with anxiety are increasingly popular - but are they keeping user data safe?

Natasha Stokes
Natasha Stokes19 Nov 2018  ·  10 mins read
Facebook Portal, portrait
Facebook Portal: Privacy policy breakdown

Targeted ads aren’t off the table and calls won’t be end-to-end encrypted

Natasha Stokes
Natasha Stokes8 Nov 2018  ·  8 mins read
Woman using social network on phone
Time for a privacy-focused social network?

Privacy concerns around Facebook and Twitter are sparking interest in new alternatives

Natasha Stokes
Natasha Stokes5 Nov 2018  ·  13 mins read
Fortnite Android App thumb
Fortnite Android App Investigation: Spyware Risks

Our analysis of unofficial Fortnite Android apps shows over half were infested with spyware, adware or malware.

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano12 Sep 2018  ·  7 mins read
Dark Web Market Price Index Hacking Tools
Dark Web Market Price Index: Hacking Tools (UK Edition)

The UK edition of our research into dark web market pricing of hacking tools used for online fraud.

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano26 Jul 2018  ·  12 mins read
Global Study: Delete Facebook Web Search Behavior

We tracked and analyzed Google web searches to delete Facebook in 255 locations across 17 countries over 12 months.

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano18 Apr 2018  ·  12 mins read