Early last week j2 Global, the publicly traded company behind numerous cloud technology services and digital media publications, acquired the VPN brands IPVanish, StrongVPN and Encrypt.me from StackPath, a Texas-based company best known for its computing and security products.

IPVanish is the most popular of the three brands, and is one of the most highly-rated VPN services.

Top10VPN.com understands that these VPN brands will operate independently under j2 Global’s Consumer and Privacy unit, a part of its Cloud Services division. The company aims to use it to create an industry leading privacy and security solution which it may be looking to build in the near future.

For existing users of these three VPN services, it has been asserted that j2 Global aims to preserve and build upon the qualities that make them so popular. Exactly how the products may develop or change is, at this point, unclear.

Prior to this purchase, j2 Global’s software portfolio predominantly focused around online fax solutions and email marketing. It is believed to have acquired StackPath’s three VPNs due to their growth, market share, stature within the field, and the potential within the consumer privacy and security sector.

For those who have never used any of its products, like eFax, j2 Global may best be known for its many high-profile digital publications. Publishing subdivision Ziff Davis is responsible for IGN, Mashable, and PCMag, to name a few of its more popular websites.

Readers of these sites may have noticed a new disclaimer on recently published VPN-related articles. The disclaimer states: “PCMag is owned by j2 Global, a company that also owns many software/service products including Encrypt.me, IPVanish, and StrongVPN.”

j2 Cloud Connect and j2 Cloud Services, which cover software releases, and j2 Digital Media, which covers digital publications, are independent units. It has been stressed that there will not be any pressure applied by the former two on the latter to influence or compromise editorial integrity.