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Anonymous VPN Review

Charlotte Darrell
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Basic VPN apps with decent security and privacy features. Unreliable speeds and no access to Netflix.

What we like
  • Peak local download speeds of 38Mbps
  • Simple custom apps for Windows, MacOS, and Android
  • Strong encryption and a VPN kill switch
  • Choice of 25 server locations

Anonymous VPN isn’t a big name in the VPN industry and we can see why. With mediocre local performance, a fairly overpriced subscription plan, and very basic apps, it’s definitely not a contender for our top 10 – in fact, it barely even makes it to our top 50.

However, this beginner-friendly VPN will do the trick for those who want to use public WiFi securely and browse the web privately. It’s no good for gaming, streaming Netflix, or, contrary to its name, those seeking total anonymity.

Pricing & Deals

Anonymous VPN offers a fairly pricey monthly subscription at $12 but you can save over 50% by committing to the annual plan, coming in at $5.75 per month.

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Anonymous VPN Pricing & Deals

Best Value Deal
12 Months
Save 52%
Billed $69.00 every 12 months
1 Month
Billed $12.00 every month

If you decide that Anonymous VPN isn’t for you, you can request a refund within 14 days of signing up.

Beware that it’s not a ‘no questions asked’ money-back guarantee – you’re only eligible if you have connected to the VPN servers fewer than 100 times and used less than 500MB of data, which you’ll burn through quickly if you do anything more than browse online.

There is a three-day trial available for a one-off payment of $2, which should give you a good idea of whether you want to commit to the service in the long term.

Payment & Refund Options

Anonymous VPN requires payment by credit or debit card only, which will come as a disappointment to those seeking more private payment methods such as cryptocurrencies.

Speed & Reliability

Anonymous VPN doesn’t offer consistent performance throughout its server network, nor does it boast blistering speeds, but it should be quick enough for casual users connecting locally.

Peak local downloads reached almost 40Mbps in the Netherlands (we test from the UK), which will be quick enough for HD streaming on a couple of devices simultaneously. However, performance varies significantly from one server to another, with nearby Germany coming in at a paltry 4Mbps. You can expect under 10Mbps connecting out from Europe to the US, and even worse further afield.

Local (and international) uploads were equally as unreliable, peaking at a super-fast 90Mbps in France and dropping to an appalling 3Mbps in Germany. If speedy international uploads for torrenting are a priority Anonymous VPN is definitely not the right choice, with long-distance connections struggling to reach 2Mbps.

The same goes for gamers who will quickly get frustrated by the lag caused by high latency – the lowest we clocked was 22ms on same-country connections.

To read about our speed testing methodologies, please read How We Review VPNs.


Server Locations

Globe with a blue flag25Countries
Image of a city landscape25Cities
Image of a pink marker1500IP Addresses

With 25 countries spread across the world, Anonymous VPN should do the job for most.

The majority of servers are located in Europe and North America, but you can also connect to several locations in the Asia-Pacific including Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Africa has only one server located in South Africa, but there are none in Central or South America.

Unlike many other VPNs at this price point, there are no city-level servers, meaning that you can’t pinpoint your exact location to take advantage of the best possible performance. This may particularly affect those living in the US.

If you need a greater choice of countries, there are plenty of VPN services that offer a much bigger server network, such as VyprVPN which covers 64 countries.

Platforms & Devices


Windows LogoWindows
Mac LogoMac
iOS LogoiOS
Linux LogoLinux
Router LogoRouter

Anonymous VPN has a limited range of custom apps, available for Microsoft Windows, and MacOS devices only.

We tested the Android app that was originally hyperlinked from the website, but the link to the Google Play Store is now broken (as of 10th January 2019). It is hard to believe that the app is even associated with Anonymous VPN, with drastically different branding, another name (AVPN), and a completely separate privacy policy. Nevertheless, our login credentials worked and customer support confirmed it belongs to Anonymous VPN.

It’s possible to use the VPN on other devices including iOS, Linux, and routers. This requires manually configuring the OpenVPN files from its website, which isn’t too difficult considering Anonymous VPN provides step-by-step setup guides.

You are limited to using the VPN on three devices at any given time, but configuring your router with the VPN software will allow you to protect all internet-connected devices in your home, including streaming devices and games consoles.

Streaming & Torrenting

Fans of Netflix and BBC iPlayer will be left bitterly disappointed since it doesn’t seem possible to access either through Anonymous VPN’s US and UK servers.

While there are no city-level servers, you can switch between the VPN’s pool of IP addresses within the desktop app in an attempt to find one that isn’t blocked by the popular streaming sites. Unfortunately, all our attempts were futile and we were left with the dreaded error message each time.

For quick and easy access to streaming services, a reliable choice is SaferVPN.

Anonymous VPN labels all of its servers as P2P-friendly, but uploads are so inconsistent across the server network we can’t recommend it for habitual torrenters.

Encryption & Security

Anonymous VPN does fairly well for privacy, but there are far better options if you need loads of security extras and configurable options – such as Astrill.

It uses strong AES-256 encryption and our preferred VPN protocol, OpenVPN, which offers the best balance between performance and privacy. It also has a VPN kill switch feature, which is essential as it blocks internet traffic in the case of an unexpected connection drop, preventing your true IP address from being exposed to third parties.

There are no other security extras and Anonymous VPN doesn’t own its own DNS servers, meaning it relies on third-party servers that could be less secure. Thankfully, we experienced no DNS or IP leaks during our tests.

  • L2TP/IPSec
  • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)
  • AES-256
  • VPN Kill Switch
Advanced features

    Bypassing Censorship

    We can’t recommend Anonymous VPN for those connecting out from China or other high-censorship countries, despite the far-fetched claims it makes: “With Anonymous VPN no government of no country will tell you what you can do, say or see when surfing the net.”

    A lack of obfuscation tools will likely result in government censors detecting and blocking OpenVPN traffic, especially during crackdowns.

    If you need a VPN to beat the censors, check out our Best VPNs for China.


    Logging Policy

    Anonymous VPN promotes a ‘strict no-logs policy’, claiming that ‘privacy is our first, middle and last name.’ However, this isn’t completely true. While it doesn’t monitor which websites you visit or collect your IP address, it does log the following information:

    • Chosen server location
    • Connection timestamps
    • Amount of data transferred by one user in one day

    This data is kept for ‘as long as necessary for providing the Service, the Support, for compliance and legal enforcement purposes’, which is too vague for our liking.

    While this isn’t personally identifiable information, authorities could potentially cross-reference connection timestamps to prove you’ve visited certain sites if they really want to, but this is an extreme example and fairly unlikely to happen.

    Like the majority of VPNs, Anonymous VPN also monitors server performance in order to maintain and troubleshoot its infrastructure, but this isn’t too much of a concern for privacy.


    Anonymous VPN is incorporated in Seychelles, a jurisdiction outside of the Fourteen Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance.

    This is a plus for privacy made better by the fact that Anonymous VPN doesn’t collect any personally-identifiable data.

    Ease of Use

    Anonymous VPN won’t win awards for its looks, but it certainly offers the simplicity required for a complete beginner.

    While we don’t like that the login box remains on the main screen even after you’ve successfully entered your credentials, all the features are clearly laid out and accessible.

    We would like to see more contextual information for certain features, though, such as the kill switch and protocol drop-down menu, to help those without prior VPN knowledge.

    Getting Started

    For Windows and MacOS users it’ll take no time to get Anonymous VPN up and running once you figure out where to download the software from (at the bottom left of the website and not in the ‘Downloads’ folder, for some reason).

    Upon download, simply follow the installation prompts, log in, and connect to your preferred server.

    For devices without a custom app, it’ll take a little longer as you have to follow the OpenVPN configuration instructions provided on Anonymous VPN’s website.

    • Installing software
    • How to use the app

    Customer Support

    Customer support definitely isn’t one of Anonymous VPN’s strong points. The Knowledgebase (under ‘FAQs’) is in need of a makeover and the information is pretty threadbare, with troubleshooting advice limited to the ‘switch it on and off’ approach. Thankfully, there are setup guides for a range of devices, but, oddly, the ‘Downloads’ folder for custom apps doesn’t contain any files.

    Unlike top-tier VPNs, Anonymous VPN doesn’t offer a live chat feature and, instead, you are directed to submit an online email form to seek answers not provided by the Knowledgebase. We didn’t receive a reply to our basic questions from the form, so emailed the address given in the privacy policy directly instead. Thankfully, we received a professional and helpful reply within an hour.

    The Bottom Line

    What we like
    • Peak local download speeds of almost 40mbps
    • Strong encryption and a VPN kill switch
    • Quick setup and simple custom apps
    • Choose between 25 server locations
    What we like less
    • Unreliable performance, especially internationally
    • No access to Netflix and BBC iPlayer
    • Lack of configurable options
    • Customer support is limited to a few FAQs

    Anonymous VPN may not guarantee complete anonymity online, but it offers a simple solution for newbies looking to connect to public WiFi hotspots and browse online securely. Unreliable speeds are limiting for those who regularly stream, game, or torrent, though.

    Privacy- and security-wise it’s promising, with a minimal-logs privacy policy, strong encryption, and a VPN kill switch. However, if you’re looking for loads of security settings it won’t do the job.

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