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Confirmed VPN Review

Rebecca Duff
By Rebecca DuffUpdated
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An up-and-coming provider with a refreshingly transparent approach to privacy.

What we like
  • Excellent local performance
  • Easy access to streaming services
  • Minimal logging policy
  • Custom apps for four popular devices

Confirmed VPN is a new player in the VPN market, relying on its status as the world’s first Openly Operated service to convince privacy-conscious users it’s deserving of their trust.

Created in 2017, we like that it has solid security features and a minimal logging policy without compromising on speed, and hassle-free access to Netflix and BBC iPlayer is another bonus.

It’s not without its flaws, though, which is to be expected of a provider still very much in its infancy. We admire Confirmed VPN’s honesty and transparency and, with a little improvement, it really could be a major contender.

Pricing & Deals

Confirmed VPN has two different pricing options depending on whether you want a VPN exclusively for your mobile device, or whether you plan on using it on a range of different platforms.

The iOS/Android plan is only available on a monthly rolling contract and costs $4.99, whereas the ‘Pro’ option (up to five simultaneous devices) can also be purchased on an annual basis. This will set you back a rather pricey $8.33 per month, only saving you 15% compared to the usual cost of $9.99 for the monthly contract.

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Confirmed VPN Pricing & Deals

Best Value Deal
12 Months
Save 15%
Billed $99.96 every 12 months
1 Month
Billed $9.99 every month
1 Month
Billed $4.99 per month - Android/iOS only

There’s no money-back guarantee but there is a seven-day free trial, enabling you to test out the VPN before you commit to a longer subscription. You have to enter your payment details beforehand, though, so make sure you cancel before the end of day seven if you don’t want to be charged.

Payment & Refund Options

The only way to pay for your Confirmed VPN subscription is using a credit or debit card. We’re not sure why the decision was made not to allow users to pay with PayPal or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin but, as the company is still young, we expect to see them introduced in the near future.

Speed & Reliability

We were very impressed with Confirmed VPN’s performance in our speed tests. Not only was it incredibly quick when connecting locally, peaking at 76Mbps down in Germany, speeds didn’t take too much of a hit on international connections, either.

Connecting out to the US from Europe you can expect downloads to average around 40Mbps, which is ample for streaming in HD across multiple devices. Even UK-Australia connections reached 30Mbps, which is ridiculously fast across so long a distance.

Latency was variable but hovered around 13ms on same-country connections – while this may be a little high for avid gamers, everyday users are unlikely to notice it. Uploads were decent locally, peaking at 54Mbps, but less reliable internationally.

This is excellent all-round performance for a VPN so new to the market.

To read about our speed testing methodologies, please read How We Review VPNs.


Server Locations

Globe with a blue flag11Countries
Image of a city landscape12Cities
Image of a pink marker?IP Addresses

It becomes very apparent how new a provider Confirmed VPN is when you look at its server network, which currently only spans 11 countries. The usual locations are covered, with options in the US, Europe and Asia, but sadly the rest of the world is left wanting.

There’s no city-level choice, not that we’d expect it in a network of this size, but US-based users can choose between the East and West coast. Those located elsewhere are limited to just one server per country, but excellent performance across the board means this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The only obvious holes are in South America (although there is one server in Brazil), the Middle East and Africa. Although international speeds were very good in comparison to most providers, users in these regions should use a VPN service with more comprehensive coverage – NordVPN is an excellent choice.

Platforms & Devices


Windows LogoWindows
Mac LogoMac
iOS LogoiOS
Android LogoAndroid

Confirmed VPN is available to download on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

There are no manual workarounds for those platforms lacking native apps, meaning it’s not currently possible to install the VPN at router level or on other popular devices such as Linux (although apparently this is coming soon).

Browser Extensions

Confirmed VPN doesn’t offer extensions for any popular browsers, so your only option is to use the desktop or mobile client to protect your device.

Games Consoles & Streaming Devices

Considering Confirmed VPN can’t be configured to work at router level, it would be near-impossible to use it with any sort of games consoles or other streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV.

If this is the sort of thing you need a VPN for, we’d recommend taking a look at our top VPN pick ExpressVPN, which offers custom solutions for a wide range of platforms.

Streaming & Torrenting

Despite a lack of dedicated streaming servers, Confirmed VPN is actually a reliable choice if you’re looking to watch Netflix or BBC iPlayer. We had no problems accessing both sites through the US and UK servers, and the excellent performance on offer means you can stream your favorite shows in HD.

It’s no good for torrenters, though, as P2P activity is banned on all servers.

Encryption & Security

The creators of Confirmed VPN came up with the concept of Openly Operated, a seven-point standard that allows people to reliably see which VPN apps and services they can trust. Confirmed VPN is the world’s first (and currently only) Openly Operated service.

It uses top-class encryption (AES-256) and although it doesn’t support our preferred OpenVPN protocol, it does operate on IPsec, which has no known vulnerabilities when used with AES ciphers. It’s annoying that this information isn’t made readily available on the website, though.

Other than allowing you to whitelist certain sites and apps, Confirmed VPN doesn’t offer any sort of advanced privacy features. This means no VPN kill switch, which means your IP address is at risk of exposure should the connection drop for any reason.

There’s also no protection against DNS leaks, and we saw the results of this first hand – our DNS requests were being leaked to our ISP on almost every server, which is far from ideal. Confirmed VPN’s mission is admirable, the execution just needs a little work.

  • L2TP/IPSec
  • AES-256
    Advanced features
    • Ad Blocker
    • Split Tunneling

    Bypassing Censorship

    Confirmed VPN’s status as a widely-untested provider means that there’s no way of knowing for certain whether it’ll work in China or other high-censorship countries. Due to recent crackdowns on VPN providers, however, we can safely assume that it’s unlikely to do the job very well, if at all.

    To overcome censorship measures in countries with restrictive internet blocks, you need to choose a provider that offers some sort of stealth protocol to disguise your VPN connection. One of our top choices for this is VyprVPN.


    Logging Policy

    Confirmed VPN is really close to being totally zero-logs, collecting very basic metadata in order to “provide a fair distribution of resources to all users”.

    It only logs the total amount of bandwidth consumed in the last thirty days, and thankfully no website data or traffic is stored in relation to this metric. This means that none of your online activity can be linked back to you in any way.


    Confirmed VPN’s US jurisdiction would be much more of a concern were it not for its minimal logging policy.

    The fact that it doesn’t collect any personally identifiable data makes this much less worrying, as even if law enforcement agencies were to request your information, Confirmed VPN wouldn’t have anything to give them.

    This was confirmed by two independent audits, carried out in November and December 2018. They both identified that Confirmed VPN’s infrastructure didn’t allow for any user data to be collected or passed on to any third parties, which is reassuring.

    Ease of Use

    Confirmed VPN’s desktop offering is a system tray icon rather than a full-featured client, so it couldn’t really be simpler to use.

    Below the big connect button is the server list – we’re not sure how this is ordered as it certainly isn’t alphabetical, but there are only 12 locations to scroll through. The settings menu opens in a separate window and is limited to whitelist settings.

    The mobile apps look very similar, if a little more streamlined, and include an ad and content blocker.

    Getting Started

    Getting Confirmed VPN up and running was actually pretty frustrating first time around, as it has to be done in a certain order or else you could encounter connection problems.

    We’d recommend signing up for a subscription then downloading the software from your account area – once you’ve downloaded the app you need to agree to an extra step in order to use the VPN.

    If you download the app before signing up (as we did), you may not be presented with this step, which is an issue. Thankfully a quick reinstall fixed this and we were able to connect on our second attempt.

    • Installing software
    • How to use the app

    Customer Support

    It seems like Confirmed VPN’s customer support is still very much a work in progress. Online resources are limited to very basic FAQs and release notes for all supported platforms, with no in-depth troubleshooting advice – we like the breakdown of how Openly Operated works, though.

    There’s no live chat, which is hardly surprising for a provider this new, so email is the only way to get in touch with a human being.

    We received a super-quick response the first time around, but when we sent some follow-up questions it just felt like they were completely ignored. In fact, we’re still waiting for a response almost three days later.

    The Bottom Line

    What we like
    • Fast, reliable local performance
    • Easy access to Netflix and BBC iPlayer
    • Minimal logging policy
    • Custom apps for four major platforms
    What we like less
    • Very small server network
    • DNS leaks and no kill switch
    • Below average customer support
    • No manual workarounds
    • Torrenting not permitted

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