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  1.  20% 

    No es gratis

    Verified Purchase

    Podriais poner un plan free con una velocidad muy limitada. Con uso ilimitado aunque una velocidad de por ejemplo 50kbps o por el estilo.

  2.  100% 

    Thank you for the given possibility.

    Verified Purchase

    Your service: remarkable/ good / wonderful/ wonderful / the surprizing / best from the very best...

  3.  80% 

    general impression

    Verified Purchase

    Great on all devices except Windows7. There it is slow or late logging in and fails to start service automatically on Wake Up or ReBoot.

  4.  100% 

    Great VPN provider

    Verified Purchase

    Very helpful technicians and it works like a charm. I like the different options for either streaming and torrenting.

  5.  100% 

    Спасибо, жаль прощаться!

    Verified Purchase

    Hello! It is a pity that you stop your free version. I was very comfortable and pleased to use your program. I have a group of friends that has more than 3500 people. And we are all sincerely grateful to you for your program! It was a pleasure to work with you! Now we had to install Yandex browser and Google Chrome browser will have to be removed. Yandex browser function anonymous navigation installed as the base. We've just become accustomed to your program and the first time without her will be strange.But we can do it! We wish you success and all the best.Thank you very much for the program! Victor Pozhar and the group: Nasha Shayka.

  6.  100% 

    ca me semble bien fonctionner

    Verified Purchase

    A date, je n'ai pas eu d'avertissement de mon fournisseur internet lorsque je navigue sur des sites de streaming

  7.  80% 

    Good service but unable to connect to Spain easily

    Verified Purchase

    I bought the premoum version to xonnect to Spain, while the actual vpn I have connects without any problem to spain, with cyberghost was impossible. I quickly asked for a refund and they were really professional and in less than a week I had my money back.

  8.  100% 

    Very good.

    Verified Purchase

    The best there is. I am very satisfied. I had no problems with the programm. It is easy to use......

  9.  100% 

    Loved it!

    Verified Purchase

    Easy to use VPN. Simple UI for both Android and PC. Loved it and always used it to protect my privacy.

  10.  100% 

    Simply The very best

    Verified Purchase

    There is a raft of phony, unreliable, scheming VPN's out there that are really nothing more than shills for the attending software they force onto your computer once you sign up. These 'shell' VPN's are slow, unreliable and UNSECURE. Read the REVIEWS open any VPN you may consider installing. Then read the reviews of CyberGhost6. I do not work for CyberGhost, in fact I have only used their FREE service - for years - not because I'm cheap - but because I am dirt poor. I'm a little broken hearted now that CyberGhost has eliminated its free service. but I'm looking through my cupboards to see what food items I can remove from my daily diet so that some money can be freed up to use their paid service - the month to month is only $12 dollars and change. For $80+ dollars you can get the really great deal of THREE years service - which his like $3 a month! I'm never going to see $80 in one piece, so that deal is out of the realm of possibility for me. (I'm old and on disability) But for you people who have normal lives - this is the very best service, and the very best deal financially as well. And remember - I only have experience with the FREE service - it's great, and that is not even their A team. Take it from me, I don't have a dog in this race - if you need a VPN (and everybody needs a VPN) get Cyberghost now OR pay out a lot of money for terrible service which you will abandon and look for another. Finding another you will be dissatisfied again and out more money- and if that's the only harm you suffer, consider yourself lucky. Then, finally, wounded and weary, you'll come home to CyberGhost and live happily ever after. So why not save yourself all that expense and grief and just get CyberGhost now. Me? I'll just have a cheese sandwich.

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