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    Great product

    Works very well. On free version sometimes you have to wait a minute to get an available slot, but I don't mind that at all.


    Brilliant vpn app *****

    CyberGhost is a great app- Downloaded from Amazon onto my FireTV Stick. Probably the Best price of all vpn's ..... I did have a problem - On the Top Left side of my TV- I noticed .......Tracer I was NOT HAPPY and canceled my contract. The money was returned to my account within minutes..No Waiting time. I went onto Chat Message and I was totally Assured that the Tracer CANNOT Access my I.P .. As there are 1000's of I.P addresses- IT CANNOT Access my I.P Account That was good News - I without Hesitation will be taking a New 18 month Contract and will again be a Cyber. Its a great App - and it works very well with the Amazon Fire stick download ( The Download from my PC to my Firestick took about 5 minutes- Very Easy to use *** Highly Recommended



    It has an elegant interface. If you are like me and don't want to pay, there is a short waiting period before connecting - and hey, that is fine with me - it's free! Thank you very much!


    Very Good

    I like this VPN service. Its fast, its cheap and of course very good and easy to use. Hope this will help another to buy this wonderfull VPN program!


    Superb Performance

    I have been using this VPN service for 4 years and it has been able to give the impression of a durable and reliable tool that has dominated the market. I had the opportunity to test 24 VPN tools and a few of them performed well but did not survive the test of time especially in the free versions until I installed CyberGhost; the reason is simple, CyberGhost has kept on maintaining and optimizing the high quality of the software and synchronized with the user's perspective of having the ability to access different and diverse features and functionalities while balancing the profit and loss margins with the demand and supply ratios making sure that free and paid services are fair and just, although a few improvements can be made in the GUI for accessing more options in customizing and diversifying the locations of free servers with more volume for traffic while still maintaining structural integrity of the design engine.


    Excellent service.

    Cyberghost VPN is the best VPN service out there, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to remain Anonymous on the net.


    Great program!

    Good luck to all your team! I use Your program is only free of charge, but to be honest, and this is enough! The program works steadily, effectively helps in our difficult time of life.


    Alles Super

    Für mich ist Cyber Ghost das beste am Markt. Und ich werde es immer wieder Kaufen, zuverlässig preiswert SPITZE.


    Great VPN

    Easy to set up,Fast Servers,( You get more than what you PAYED FOR.) I Thought I was family.Yahoo.


    one of the best vpn applications

    RAS.....Still at the Top ^_^ Toutes les fonctions sont bien pensées , compréhensibles et accessibles par et pour TOUS... Impossible de regretter son abonnement....

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