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  1.  100% 

    Fast speed, easy install

    Verified Purchase

    I've considered using a VPN for a long time and, after a lot of research, I installed CyberGhost two days ago. I had no trouble with the installation, never called for help and everything seems to work properly. I'm using it on a Windows 7 laptop with both IE & Firefox and search using Duck Duck Go or Startpage most of the time using IE. So far, the only feature I'd like to see added is an easy, automatic switch between favorite servers in two different countries without a re-start of CyberGhost. Maybe such a feature already exists but after two days of usage I haven't found it yet.

  2.  100% 

    Best Provider VPN for being in a another country

    Verified Purchase

    I'm currently in Nepal and I use CyberGhost for using Websites which are not allowed in Nepal. With its help it is for me possible to do all my business i have to do in Nepal! Thanks a lot!

  3.  100% 

    Great VPN

    Verified Purchase

    I've used a slew of other VPN service's others that are generally rated higher than CyberGhost such as Nord and express vpn, and I prefer CyberGhost. Installation is easy, setting up the application is pretty straightforward as well, just select which server you want or let it select for you. I leave it on probably 60/40 (some sites like amazon don't like me streaming over a vpn) even when gaming my ping only goes up 6-8 ms.

  4.  100% 

    Excellent service fully satisfified.

    Verified Purchase

    Most competitive price. Nice looking and easy to use software. Stays connected for as long as i need it to be (24h without any trouble). Beeing able to connect to Netflix USA is a great bonus, and other dedicated streaming and torrent download possibilities, etc etc ...

  5.  100% 

    using cyberghost

    Verified Purchase

    i'm using in linux and windows enviroment and works very well. stable connection and fast enought as well. amazing windows application and easy to configure openvpn on linux systems. so if you need a vpn connection CG is a solution.

  6.  100% 

    The latest update fixes all my concerns

    Verified Purchase

    I can now access my Amazon Prime,.. and every other stream seamlessly. This is the best VPN by far. I hope the same options are duplicated in the Android app, but the windows app version 7 is flawless.

  7.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    Cyberghost is very good but not all server speed are the same. I get a speed of 160mb to 26mb. Also when you disconnect from any server you get a popup asking about Cyberghost and how good it is it need a box saying don't ask me anymore. 1 . Going from server to server needs to me faster as it's fast to disconnect then connect. 2. Cyberghost Phone App under the server you will see London-15-i03 13 Users / 28 Max On the Pc looks like London-15-i03 13 User 3. Doesn't show upload speed which would be nice to have. But over all it's a five start out of five.

  8.  100% 

    Very satisfied!

    Verified Purchase

    I could highly recommend CyberGhost. I used it for geoblocked streaming and it worked fluently without any interruption.

  9.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    There's a problem with the size of the main window of the soft ( nothing crucial but its annoying ). the VPN in itself works fine.

  10.  100% 

    Excellent service & excellent price

    Verified Purchase

    Cyberghost makes it very easy to use their VPN service. A simple toggle switch for basic users. VPN is either on or off. If you have more specific requirements, it's fairly easy to go in and select things like the country you connect to or it'll pick best the best servers depending on what you want to use it for. Even with a licence for just one machine, it's easy to swap between different computers. I've tried a few VPN's and so far, i've had nothing but positive experiences with cyberghost and the one time i had an issue (which was one of my own making) they resolved it swiftly and painlessly.

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