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  1.  100% 

    cyberghost is great

    Verified Purchase

    Cyberghost is great, we have only noticed being disconnected a couple of times. Its fast and easy and Its very reasonably priced and we got all of our devices covered. I think its a great value for what we wanted it for and really good protection.

  2.  100% 

    so good its scary

    Verified Purchase

    its been a breeze experience easy to use beginner friendly interface i love have recomended it to my friends

  3.  100% 

    The latest update fixes all my concerns

    Verified Purchase

    I can now access my Amazon Prime,.. and every other stream seamlessly. This is the best VPN by far. I hope the same options are duplicated in the Android app, but the windows app version 7 is flawless.

  4.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    très bon vpn. très peu de déconnexion. et en plus à un très bon prix. je le conseille sans problème.

  5.  100% 

    Awesome VPN

    Verified Purchase

    I have tried several different VPNs and Cyberghost is by far the fastest one i have used. Very secure and doesnt drop

  6.  20% 

    Is Cyberghost A Scam?

    I erroneously signed up for auto-renew with Cyberghost. Some how I missed any way to turn auto-renew off. Sure enough, right on schedule, my Cyberghost subscription was renewed for another year. I contacted them via their support chat system. The only apparent way to contact them. I was told it would take 1 day to receive an email confirming my request for cancellation and a refund. And that the refund would take 5 - 10 days. I explained that that was unreasonable as it took minutes for them to charge my credit card. But it would take 5-10 days to refund the charge. The contact named Joey didn't seem to think this was extraordinary. I'm sure if someone took $66 USD out of his paycheck he would be upset too. To-date I have seen no email from Cyberghost confirming my request for a refund and cancellation of my account. Instead I got an email welcoming me to their VPN service for another year! I will contact my bank and they will reverse the charge. Thus, thwarting Cyberghost's attempt to steal money from me.

  7.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    This is a very good software product! It will help me protect my computer which is an HP. I am glad that I downloaded it.

  8.  100% 

    Dependable Service.

    Verified Purchase

    Dependable protection you can trust. Cost effective. Easy to use. I recommend to my friends. Ghost em!

  9.  100% 

    The best Vpn for me

    Verified Purchase

    It's the fifth year that I'me using CyberGhost , and even if I tried , in the meantime , two different Vpn services , always premium services , I always return to the first love .

  10.  80% 

    Cyberghost - Great, but...

    Verified Purchase

    Great Program.  However, one increasingly frustrating problem are the pop-ups at the programs shut down or disconnection, constantly requesting user satisfaction, despite having previously given favourable reviews on numerous  occasions.  How many times can a user say a product is good, until the product review pop-ups become irritating,  thus rending the product less than satisfactory?

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