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  1.  20% 


    Signed up with a CC that matches my name on my account. I received an email stating they were going to cancel me if I didn't accept a verification call appointment. I'm traveling which is the point of needing the VPN so it's a little difficult to know when I'll be available. I was given an alternative to send them a copy of my CC via email.... seriously???? If I felt that secure I wouldn't need the VPN right?? smh.... anyway I won't be using the company again. There are plenty of others who can actually handle credit card transactions without voice verification.

  2.  100% 


    I've been using ExpressVPN for a long time. I've had questions as I am a very non tech savvy and the customer service is excellent. When it service drops out (and that's rarely) it is never for too long. I recommend them.

  3.  100% 

    High Speed, Servers across the globe.

    Verified Purchase

    An excellent VPN service that has applications for all platforms and servers in all geographies! The VPN speeds are fast, lets me stream content from my home country with minimal buffering.

  4.  100% 

    ExpressVPN Review

    Verified Purchase

    I have been using ExpressVPN for the past 10 months. I have compared speed, security, connectivity and features. ExpressVPN is top. You cannot go wrong by choosing ExpressVPN!

  5.  20% 

    Bad experience

    I have really bad experience with Express VPN. Very often wasn't working and it is not worth the money you pay for. I live in China and it never works.

  6.  100% 

    Excellent and dependable VPN that works all over the world.

    Verified Purchase

    I used ExpressVPN both in USA and several other countries and it worked like a charm. Specially in China it went past all the blocks the chinese governments puts and was really a life saver. I tried to use VPN with my router and it was breeze to set it up. There were some hiccups as some providers blocked the IP but the customer service was fantastic to provide alternate servers to get past the glitch. Overall its a great VPN that is truly trustworthy.

  7.  40% 

    Not for me...

    Software would not install. Tried several times. Downloaded Surfshark, opened it up and that worked. Cancelled ExpressVPN and paid Surfshark the money. Now I am learning how hard ExpressVPN is to remove from my system. Bad all the way around. Maybe worked for others, but not for me.

  8.  100% 

    Fast, Reliable, Easy, and Stable

    Verified Purchase

    I have used ExpressVPN for over two years, never had an issue connecting, always able to download and surf anonymously. Would recommend to anyone that wants the security and flexibility of a VPN...

  9.  100% 

    Don’t leave home without it!

    Verified Purchase

    Easy connectivity. Robust, quick connections, specially when traveling abroad. Easy to choose between different countries and servers. I have two VPN accounts but seem to use this one almost all the time. ‘Nuff said!

  10.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    No issues at all, works great when running my router through their service via OpenVPN. Support is great too!

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