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  1.  80% 

    Works better with Android than Windows

    I have Express VPN on my Android TV and my Windows computers. It starts very quickly on my TV but is very slow to start on my computers. I have taken it abroad several times and it has always worked well, especially on I players which you can't use otherwise. Netflix and Kodi also work well. My biggest problem is with my Sony Android TV, if I forget to disconnect the VPN before I put the TV into standby, I can't start the TV up again, it goes into a continual loop of trying to start and just as it is about to start it goes off again. I have to switch my router off before I can start the TV again. If I disconnect the VPN before I turn the TV off, it works fine, but that is very annoying.

  2.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    Smooth operation and easy to use. Highly recommend. No issues to report after 11 months. App runs in the background and you can have a status bar on your home screen. I have both the windows and Android versions

  3.  100% 

    Good VPN for security and travel.

    Verified Purchase

    I use this vpn mostly when I travel to China . I get to access Google drive for business documents, and team project . Express VPN did help me a lot .

  4.  40% 

    Very limited use in China

    I got ExpressVPN to use while on business in China. It connected very sporadically, and often only for a few minutes a day at best. It was enough that I could back up my data, but not enough to use the internet with confidence. It caused problems when my online email wouldn't accept my location as being in China, but then I couldn't connect with ExpressVPN, so I was cut off from key email for days at a time.

  5.  20% 

    Bad experience

    I have really bad experience with Express VPN. Very often wasn't working and it is not worth the money you pay for. I live in China and it never works.

  6.  100% 

    Excellent and dependable VPN that works all over the world.

    Verified Purchase

    I used ExpressVPN both in USA and several other countries and it worked like a charm. Specially in China it went past all the blocks the chinese governments puts and was really a life saver. I tried to use VPN with my router and it was breeze to set it up. There were some hiccups as some providers blocked the IP but the customer service was fantastic to provide alternate servers to get past the glitch. Overall its a great VPN that is truly trustworthy.

  7.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    No issues at all, works great when running my router through their service via OpenVPN. Support is great too!

  8.  100% 

    Works like it should

    Verified Purchase

    Works like it should. Makes browsing and accessing p2p networks easy. Does not seem to slow down web pages.

  9.  100% 

    My ExpressVPN experience

    Verified Purchase

    I’ve installed ExpressVPN on my Lenovo laptop, 2 Dell workstations and on an iPad and iPhone 8. I’m able to connect whether I’m using my protected home WiFi or if I’m connections to an unprotected public WiFi. It seldom is the source of a problem. It’s usually a disruption of service with public WiFi. If I’m going to look at subject matter that I think someone might be monitoring, I choose to connect to the site through an ExpressVPN server to ensure anonymity. I recommend using the product for those who also want to browse without prying eyes, if you will. It is not necessary to connect only to the nearest server, connecting to a foreign server can allow you access for download of foreign videos, such as a rare Herman Hesse life story produced in Germany, but also with English audio translation. That was a super find that I was not granted access to on US servers. I don’t believe you will be disappointed with this service, and the price is reasonable—can’t forget that.

  10.  100% 

    A great VPN ay a very fair price

    Verified Purchase

    I have been using express VPN for about 9 months now , I use it on two android devices and one windows 10 computer . I have kodi and mobdro addons , they run flawlessly with express Vpn , I usually use either the smart location or the UK location . Both locations work very well , i am able to stream Dodger baseball for free by using express VPN . In the past i have used Tunnel Bear VPN as well as other VPN services , none of them have worked as flawlessly as Express VPN !! I have used express VPN on my IMAC and another pc running a LINUX MATE O.S. , Right now i use it on my fire tv devices also , It works great , as soon as i enter my password I am offered many choices of where in the world i would like to hook up to . I will use Express Vpn for many more years , of that there is no doubt !!!

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