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GooseVPN Review

Simon Migliano
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Up-and-coming VPN with promising features. HD streaming and 24/7 live chat support.

What we like
  • Speeds of almost 50Mbps on local connections
  • User-friendly apps for popular platforms
  • Connect securely to 28 countries
  • Use the VPN on unlimited devices simultaneously

GooseVPN is an up-and-coming VPN that offers some promising features despite only being around since 2016.

Speeds are decent on local connections, however this consistency doesn’t quite extend across the wider server network.

There are servers optimized for torrenting, but unfortunately Netflix and BBC iPlayer remain blocked. Custom apps are available for all popular platforms, and you can use the VPN on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously with a single account.

GooseVPN offers strong encryption and recently introduced a kill switch feature to protect you in case of unexpected dropouts.

The logging policy is minimal, only collecting individual bandwidth usage in order to maintain a high level of server performance, however we don’t like that they incorrectly advertise themselves as being completely ‘zero logs’.

Customer service has been given a makeover and now includes 24/7 live chat and useful online resources.

Pricing & Deals

GooseVPN offers a few different pricing plans so you can be sure to find one to suit you. Each of these has the same features but the longer you sign up for, the less you pay each month.

A single month is the priciest option at $12.99, which is definitely at the more expensive end of the market. You can cut the price down to $4.99 per month if you commit to the 12-month plan. There’s also a budget option for just $2.99 a month, however this is subject to a 50GB data cap.

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GooseVPN Pricing & Deals

Best Value Deal
12 Months
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Billed $59.88 every 12 months
1 Month
Billed $12.99 every month
1 Month
50GB data cap - Billed $2.99 every month
Get GooseVPN30-day money-back guarantee

GooseVPN offers both a generous 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The free trial gives you access to the full VPN service without any restrictions, however you do have to provide your payment details before you sign up. This means that unless you remember to cancel before the end of the trial period, you will be automatically ‘upgraded’ to a paid account after 30 days.

The money-back guarantee is advertised as “no questions asked” but this isn’t really the case, as it’s subject to an incredibly stingy 100MB data usage cap. This means that if you use GooseVPN for anything more than running a couple of speed tests, you’ll exceed this limit and therefore be ineligible for a refund. Thankfully it does state in the Refund Policy that as a ‘rule of thumb’, refunds will be issued to those experiencing ‘ongoing unresolved technical problems’, regardless of how much bandwidth they’ve used. However, it’s definitely not the kind of risk-free guarantee we see from top-tier providers such as CyberGhost.

Payment & Refund Options

GooseVPN accepts the usual range of payment methods including most major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and a range of international options (although these are only available on annual plans). We were a little disappointed to see no option to pay with cryptocurrencies, but hopefully this will come as the company grows and develops.

Speed & Reliability

GooseVPN was a real mixed bag when it came to speed. When it was fast, it was very fast, but otherwise it was incredibly mediocre. Connecting to almost any server in Europe will give you speeds good enough for buffer-free HD streaming, however performance on more distant servers wasn’t quite as promising and fluctuated significantly from country to country. Inconsistent uploads and high latencies make it hard for us to recommend GooseVPN to gamers and torrenters, especially as P2P activity is only permitted on a handful of servers. GooseVPN performs well enough for a brand new provider on the VPN market.

Download speeds on local connections don’t quite measure up to those offered by top-tier providers, however they’re definitely quick enough for HD streaming and buffer-free multiple file downloads, peaking at almost 50Mbps in Germany. Connecting out to the US from Europe you can expect speeds of around 23Mbps, which again is at the slower end of the scale, however certainly ample for most everyday users. Performance over long-distance connections was a little hit and miss, with Australia coming in at a very reasonable 17Mbps (we test from London) and Hong Kong at less impressive 8Mbps.

We found latency to be unacceptably high across the whole server network, and even on same-city connections the lowest we experienced was a fairly laggy 14ms. For this reason, avid gamers should steer clear, especially considering that there are providers out there boasting speedy ping times of below 1ms.

GooseVPN takes longer than we’d like to connect, averaging around 12 seconds each time. This isn’t ideal as during this time your true IP address could be exposed if you use the internet, so be sure to activate the VPN killswitch feature to protect yourself from potential leaks. Once you’re up and running, we found performance to be pretty stable, provided you have a good enough internet connection of course.

Uploads are pretty inconsistent even on local connections, ranging from 18-68Mbps in Europe. We experienced a decent 18Mbps connecting to the US, however it struggled to reach 5Mbps on more distance connections, but this is to be expected. Torrenting is permitted on a handful of servers, just make sure you choose the nearest one for the best performance.

GooseVPN is by no means anywhere near our top-tier providers when it comes to speed, however for the majority of everyday internet users it’ll be more than snappy enough if connecting locally. Those that need blazing-fast performance on international connections will have to look elsewhere, but it’s clear that GooseVPN has potential for great speeds, and it’s most likely just a case of waiting for them to develop a little more as a provider.

To find out more about our speed testing methodologies, please read How We Review VPNs.


Server Locations

Globe with a blue flag27Countries
Image of a city landscape44Cities
Image of a pink marker100+IP Addresses

GooseVPN’s server network is still relatively small at just 28 locations. There are GooseVPN servers in most popular locations, but we advise checking the server list to make sure your desired locations are covered. If they’re not, why not look at VPN providers like VyprVPN and IPVanish.

Unsurprisingly, GooseVPN doesn’t offer a very large number of individual IP addresses, with only just over 100 server making up the entire network. This could lead to server congestion and therefore reduced performance at peak times, especially on the dedicated P2P/streaming servers.

It’s great to see a choice of six different US cities in a network this size, as well as two in the UK and Canada. Germany, France, the Netherlands and Israel also offer city-level servers. We like that there’s coverage in Africa, albeit in just one city (Johannesburg). There is a fairly good spread everywhere else in the world, including locations such as Chile, India, Israel and Singapore.

You can find the complete list of GooseVPN server locations by country and city on their website below.

Platforms & Devices


Windows LogoWindows
Mac LogoMac
iOS LogoiOS
Android LogoAndroid
Linux LogoLinux
Router LogoRouter

GooseVPN offers the usual range of custom apps for popular platforms, covering Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You can find instructions for manual setup on other devices, including Linux and Kodi, on the support section of the website. These are really easy to follow and include loads of helpful screenshots to get you started.

There’s also no limit to the amount of simultaneous connections you can have from a single account, meaning you can protect all of your family’s devices as well as your own.

You can also manually configure your router to support the software, however not all routers are compatible yet – you can find the full list on GooseVPN’s website.

One major advantage of installing the VPN at router level is that you can protect every device on your network without having to download individual apps on each one. The instructions are pretty self-explanatory, however you can always contact a member of the support team if you’re having problems.

Browser Extensions

Chrome LogoChrome

GooseVPN offers a browser extension for Google Chrome that promises to ‘simplify the use of the browser and make it more user-friendly’. It works in much the same way as the desktop app, in that you select a location from the dropdown menu and appear to be connecting from that country. However bear in mind that this is a proxy rather than a full VPN extension, and therefore shouldn’t be used in place of the desktop app, as it doesn’t offer the same level of encryption.

The Chrome extension is useful for those who are mainly going to be using a VPN to access websites that would otherwise be blocked in their country, as opposed to those focused more on privacy. It takes a matter of seconds to download and install to your browser if you already have the main app open, but we’d advise using a combination of the two for the best possible security.

Games Consoles & Streaming Devices

AppleTV LogoAppleTV
Amazon Fire TV LogoAmazon Fire TV
Chromecast LogoChromecast
Nintendo LogoNintendo
PlayStation LogoPlayStation
Roku LogoRoku
Xbox LogoXbox

GooseVPN can be used with a range of games consoles and streaming devices simply by connecting them to a configured router. This includes devices such as AppleTV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV Stick and many more. If you have an Android TV, you can download the GooseVPN directly onto the device, saving you having to install it at router level.

Unfortunately there aren’t any instructions to help you with setup on these devices, however as long as you’ve got the VPN up and running on your router you shouldn’t encounter too many difficulties. The customer support team are also always on hand to try and help you with any potential issues, which is reassuring.

Streaming & Torrenting

GooseVPN should be one of the more reliable options for accessing streaming sites due to its servers optimized for HD video, however recent tests have shown that popular sites are blocked on pretty much ever server. There are definitely better providers out there if streaming is your priority.

We used to be able to access Netflix on a couple of GooseVPN’s US streaming servers, but sadly this is no longer the case, and the service is now blocked. After speaking to a member of the customer support team, we discovered that BBC iPlayer is currently blocked too, although apparently they are hoping to have a solution to this problem (and for Netflix) in the near future.

GooseVPN is a viable choice for torrenters and Kodi users due to its servers optimized for P2P traffic and privacy-friendly logging policy, however uploads are a little hit and miss.

Encryption & Security

GooseVPN is by no means the most secure provider on the current market, however it’s definitely moving in the right direction. The app automatically selects the best-performing VPN protocol for your chosen server, however you can set it to connect via OpenVPN, which we’d recommend doing in most cases as this is the most secure. Encryption is via top cipher AES-256.

A recent update introduced the essential VPN kill switch feature, which prevents your true IP address from being leaked should the VPN connection drop for any reason. This is about as far as GooseVPN gets in regards to advanced privacy features, with users missing out on any advanced security features such as split tunneling and or additional obfuscation tools. This is hardly surprising considering how long they’ve been around for, however those looking for loads of configurable settings should check out other options.

Thankfully, our leak tests produced reassuring results, with no DNS or IP leaks to be found.

If all you need is to hide your true IP address and browse public WiFi securely, GooseVPN will do the job well enough, but if you want loads of privacy extras there are other VPN providers, such as Private Internet Access, that do a lot better.

  • IKEv2/IPSec
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)
  • PPTP
  • AES-256
  • VPN Kill Switch
Advanced features

    Bypassing Censorship

    GooseVPN is sadly no longer a reliable option for those looking to overcome government blocks in high-censorship countries such as China. Due to a lack of additional obfuscation tools, such as TCP Port 443, it’s very easy for censors to detect that you’re connecting using a VPN and therefore block all attempts at trying to connect to the internet. A small server network doesn’t do GooseVPN any favors here either, as even if you were able to get connected, performance is likely to be ridiculously slow to the point where it could be unusable. You can have a look at our latest recommendations for China, if you need to connect out from the country.

    Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend it for users in other countries that often impose censorship measures on internet users, including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey. If you live in or are planning to travel to any of these locations, we’d strongly advise looking for a provider that offers some kind of stealth protocol or ‘scramble’ tool to mask the fact you’re using a VPN.


    Logging Policy

    GooseVPN’s logging policy is about as close to zero logs as you can get whilst still maintaining a good level of server performance. It does not “track, collect or store any information at the servers of the Goose VPN server network”, including your originating IP address, your chosen VPN server or anything you do online.

    The only information it collects is “actual bandwidth usage per user account”. This is so it can monitor accounts with data caps and also try to keep server congestion to a minimum. When speaking to the customer service team, we were also informed that if a public body suspects a GooseVPN user of criminal activity, such as terrorism, they can keep activity logs on this specific user. This seems only sensible but we really don’t like that Goose markets itself as being 100% no logs when this clearly isn’t the case.


    GooseVPN is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, meaning it is unfortunately subject to invasive US and EU jurisdictions and data retention laws. Thankfully, their minimal logging policy means that this isn’t something to worry too much about, as even if a third party were to request your personal data, Goose wouldn’t have anything personally identifiable to show them.

    Ease of Use

    GooseVPN recently gave its apps a much-needed makeover, however they still remain incredibly basic in comparison to those on offer from top-tier providers. The desktop client is overall pretty user-friendly, catering mainly to inexperienced VPN users who aren’t looking for much in terms of advanced settings. The main screen keeps it simple with an on/off toggle, your server location and a reminder of your chosen protocol at the bottom of the screen.

    It can sometimes be a little clunky, especially the connect button, which is pretty frustrating. This isn’t a massive problem but becomes more apparent when you switch servers, as your real IP address is exposed for a lot longer than we’d like. The settings menu is basic but split up into easy to navigate sections, however some of these are annoyingly grayed out when you’re connected, meaning you have to disconnect in order to change them.

    Servers suitable for P2P and streaming are clearly marked, which is useful, and we like that you can choose your favorite locations to connect more quickly each time. It should be noted that in order to get the full list of server locations you need to disable the smart server list, and the app also does not automatically default to OpenVPN, but rather automatically selects the ‘best’ protocol for your chosen location. When we connected it chose L2TP, one of the least secure protocols, so keep an eye on this to make sure you’re not compromising on security.

    Getting Started

    Downloading and installing GooseVPN is an incredibly simple process, and takes only a couple of minutes from start to finish. There are user-friendly setup guides for most popular devices on the support section of the website. All you have to do is click the download button for the relevant software, and an installation wizard will pop up and guide you through the process with a series of prompts.

    These should be easy enough to follow but you can always refer to the FAQs if you get stuck, and don’t forget customer support agents are available 24/7. Once you’ve done this, all that’s left to do is log in and connect to start using the VPN.

    • Installing software
    • How to use the app

    Customer Support

    GooseVPN promises “timely high-quality support”, which seems promising, however they do not quite deliver on the quality front. The knowledge base is adequate enough for basic FAQs but is overall very limited, however it’s nice to see that they have recently introduced some video tutorials. We’re also not huge fans of the layout of the support section, as instead of being able to access all FAQs in a drop-down menu, you are forced to click through to a specific page for each one.

    Goose has finally got up to speed with their rival providers and now offers 24/7 live chat on their site. Replies were very snappy and helpful without feeling too scripted, and our issues were solved within a matter of minutes. Sadly their email support leaves a lot to be desired, with the support agent simply apologizing to us and telling us to try and connect again, which was not ideal. There is a contact telephone number included on their support page, but Goose do advise that they don’t offer support over the phone, which begs the question as to why they felt the need to provide it. There is also the option to fill in a contact form on the website, but we found it a lot quicker to just use the live chat facility.

    The Bottom Line

    What we like
    • Reliable speeds of up to 48Mbps locally
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections to the VPN
    • User-friendly apps for popular devices
    • Connect securely to 28 countries
    What we like less
    • Inconsistent speeds across longer distances
    • Very small server network
    • Lacking in advanced features
    • Desktop app clunky at times
    • Customer support could be better quality

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