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  1.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    The VPN is awesome I use almost every day and it allows me to keep my info safe and secure. I love it.

  2.  100% 

    I love this service

    Verified Purchase

    Dear Hide me vpn, I am extremely satisfied with your customer service as well as the possibility of the great diversity of locations. The vpn works fast , and there are countless options in the program itself. Thank you for saving my safety and freedom. Yours sincerely, Mark A.

  3.  100% 


    Verified Purchase

    Hide me works great I have been using hide me for 3 years now. It reasonably priced. I have tried others, but I always come back to hide. Me

  4.  100% 

    Excellent VPN

    Verified Purchase

    This VPN is very easy to set up and use. The speeds are very good and the connection is stable. It's easy to choose which country you want to use.

  5.  100% 

    VPN royalty

    Verified Purchase

    A VPN service that works, all the time and every time. Download at full speed all the time so no waiting that happens with cheap VPNs

  6.  100% 

    Extremely reliable VPN at a reasonable cost.

    Verified Purchase

    I've been with Hide.me VPN for over 2 years now. I've never had a major problem, always connects faultlessly on all devices and is extremely reliable. When I've had minor technical issues they have responded promptly and efficiently and have resolved them quickly. I always get a renewal reminder and I feel their charges are very reasonable for the level of service provided.

  7.  100% 

    Great product good and Fast helpdeks

    Verified Purchase

    I had some doubts in the beginning if this would be a good product for me, support explained me exactly how to Reserve an IP which is possible in the Premium plan. An reserved IP adres needs to be available though but i have no problem with that. I use this service for over a year now and i am very satisfied ! I Highly Recomended Hide Me!

  8.  80% 

    fast, safe, and reliable

    My experience with hide.me VPN is seamless so far. The speed is fast depending on your ISP and download speed is good because it has 46 p2p servers. No logs policy ensures your privacy and safety which is an important feature in any VPN.

  9.  100% 

    one of the best VPNs ever used

    Connects fast, and speed is good for most countries. The software offers lot of great features that many VPNs doesn't have. If you don't want hassle of setting up manually you can use the desktop software. Customer support is good if you want to setup manually. Price tag may look little up in the benchmark but it is worth it due to speed, safety, privacy and ease of use.

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