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  1.  100% 

    User friendly app

    I've used NordVPN for more than a year. I really like the user friendly app, I always use it whenever I access the internet, and so far it has been working great. I believe that my identity is secure and I can use NordVPN with a confidence.

  2.  100% 

    Works as promised

    At first, when all started talking about VPNs I was skeptical, I did not get why do I need it, and why everyone is so paranoid about it. But when I changed my job and started traveling much more, I noticed that banking on the go often means connecting to various random networks. And this is when Nordvpn came into my life. It works as promised.

  3.  100% 


    I usually don't leave reviews about products, but this time I just wanted to share how grateful I am to Nordvpn security provider for the service. I never thought how unsafe it is to browse the internet and how much data can be gained from an IP address, but thankfully Nord keeps everything under a virtual lock.

  4.  20% 

    Dont Buy Nord

    I took a trial on Nord and was told my IP wouldn't be seen . However on using google when Nord "protected " I was still getting their privacy reminder and pop ups and ads. On spending over 2 hours with their help people it turns out that if the server you log to in Nord has heavy traffic you become visible and should switch to one of there other server locations !!! by which time its too late and you have no way of knowing when its " heavy traffic " as a lay person. They are based in Panama and are not to be trusted . It does not do what it says on the tin . Oh and its access to Onion doesn't work either .Also their help desk are a bunch of tedious people to deal with who you can waste hours chatting too online too ask they don't read half of what you write simply repeating protocol answers.There is no contact phone number !!! I wonder why - AVOID THESE GUYS

  5.  100% 

    Beats competitors

    I tried a few providers, but I stayed with Nordvpn because it beats the competitors at all points. It has a zero log policy and double encryption and those things are the most important parts.

  6.  40% 

    Sites blocked

    Many sites that I use are blocking various NordVPN servers I tried. Not good if you can't access your email provider site.

  7.  100% 

    Much easier

    For me everything became much easier when I started using Nordvpn, especially watching Youtube. So now I do not have any problems watching videos that are not available in my country.

  8.  80% 

    Great VPN But Slow At Start

    Nord VPN Has great features but in the desktop version it start very slow some times it takes about 3 minute to open the app and unlike express vpn it doesnt offer any speed or ping test

  9.  100% 

    Loyal customer

    I do not understand a lot about VPNs, but if it unblocks pages and apps that I want to reach it is perfect for me. And Nordvpn does that, so I am loyal customer for more than a year.

  10.  20% 

    Didn't work at all for me.

    A word of warning about NordVPN, their service does not work everywhere. I've had it for several months & have not been able to use it, I have high speed GigOne internet & it knocked my internet speed down by more than half. I couldn't open any of my web based work apps, and could not reach most of my normal content online. I tried all their resolutions none worked, wasted $75.

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