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  1.  100% 

    Yes, it is really fast!

    I'm overseas a lot and use VPN to connect to the UK from Asia. Before using NordVPN I used Zoog VPN. Zoog VPN is slow, whether I check my bank using Santander's Android app it will always timeout. With NordVPN I do not have this problem. Fast and great value for money with the 3 year plan.

  2.  100% 

    Stable Performance

    Long story short: 1. It's easy to use (even my wife uses it) 2. It's fast for streamings 3. Value for money is admiring It meets my needs and I appreciate their service.

  3.  80% 


    I find this app amusing in its interface and usage simplicity while performing and containing complicated processes. However, captcha solving is slightly enraging so only 4*

  4.  20% 

    Don’t subscribe NordVPN services if you are using iOS and living at China

    It won’t work if you are living at China when using iOS device connect VPN via iOS app. 4 April all of obfuscated servers down suddenly, when I ask support, they say some of new server will be release, please wait a couple of the days. Also support tell me that for a temporary method to connect NordVPN at China is download IKeV2 profile than connect manually, it is my nightmare beginning ,IKEv2 it might connect but will be disconnect after few minutes or half hour, may be one hour without any notice for you, IKeV2 won’t connect automatically. That’s why I need to keep my eyes on my iPhone every minutes to check the status, you don’t know when it will be disconnected, you never to receive any instant message from WhatsApp/Line etc... You can’t to check gmail/ Facebook etc.... So why I say I need to keep my eyes on my iPhone! Until to now, NordVPN still can’t to connect VPN via iOS app at China, they will always to say apologize for your inconvenience, please wait but don’t how long it can be work! They are a lair, they wouldn’t refund if you are over 30days money back guarantee even they can provide service via iOS system! Please consider when you want to subscribe NordVPN if you are using iOS device!

  5.  40% 

    Not the best for use with 365 & one drive

    I have used NVPN now for over 6 months, however, it stops me from accessing One drive, Pcloud, and Win 365 as well as many other web sites. I have done everything that is suggested but still it stops my connections between my desktop and these sites. The mobile version works OK but having contacted NVPN on a number of occasions they suggest to carry out quite complex things to my connections and this should not have to be the case so I vote NVPN down on these issues, if it happens to me it must happen to others too.

  6.  80% 

    have a few advantages

    I bought nordvpn just for ikev2 protocol coz it's much faster and drains the battery much slower. It is an advantage. Maybe annoys that it has so many servers and it takes time to scroll.

  7.  100% 

    Easy to use, but secure and for a good price

    Wanted an easy to use, but secure VPN, tried several providers and in the end stuck with NordVPN. I really like the one-click interface and an integrated killswitch for extra security, speed is quite nice too. And for the price, it is worth it IMO. Never hurts to be extra secure in this day and age.

  8.  100% 

    leads the industry

    Leads the VPNs industry with its massive network of more than 5k servers and optimal compatibility with 6 different devices. I'm glad to use this great app.

  9.  100% 

    Nordvpn is a necessity these days

    I can't imagine going about my daily digital life without the help of nordvpn, it protects my privacy from all the evil corporations and keeps the ads at bay while making my browsing experience ridiculously better.

  10.  100% 

    Great speed

    Decided to give it a try knowing that it has lots of features and a growing number of servers. I was very surprised when I tested the speed (trying various servers) and not I can really say that it's not only great, but it sometimes even beats competitors. Would recommend.

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