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  1.  100% 

    Customer since 2010

    Verified Purchase

    Strong VPN has worked perfectly for me since 2010. I live in the UAE, where some simple sites are blocked, such as Skype and Western TV. I've never had an issue accessing what I wanted with Strong VPN. Each time I have come across an issue with loading Strong VPN onto a new phone or computer, the support staff have emailed me back within minutes, with a solution. The step-by-step solution was easy to follow and I was able to do it myself. If I was unable to follow the steps, the support person would remote access my device and do it for me. I will continue to be a customer of this fantastic service.

  2.  100% 

    World-wide excellence!

    Verified Purchase

    As a diplomat, I live all over the world. StrongVPN has never let me down; I can do my banking and personal business, no matter how hostile the location. We can watch American Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime as easily as we can when we're in the US. StrongVPN makes my online life simple and safe.

  3.  100% 

    Strong VPN is great for US Expats.

    Verified Purchase

    We have lived overseas for four years. In order to keep up with our favorite shows and culture, we have used StrongVPN and had no problems accessing popular US sites. We also feel much more secure in our financial transactions.

  4.  100% 

    Total awesomeness

    Verified Purchase

    I live in a rural area and after purchasing a new television was told by a professional I would never be able to stream movies because high speed internet was not available to me I then called my cell phone carrier purchased unlimited and thought it was solved I would just hot spot off my phone well unlimited doesn't mean unlimited it means 3 hours of streaming and then nothing but throttling all the rest of the time I was past frustration so U went to the CNET guys to see what I could do that's when I found Strong VPN changed my entire tv watching since becoming a Strong subscriber I have watched movies on netflix every night without any throttling unbelievable so thanks from rural country appreciate you.

  5.  100% 

    I rate StrongVPN as Number 1 VPN provider

    Verified Purchase

    24/7 instant service by very experienced technicians, ensure my VPN is always working, even in the difficult environment of a total ban on VPN's in the country I connect in Operating 24 hours /day with no file limit restrictions ensures trouble free use

  6.  100% 

    Strong VPN

    Verified Purchase

    Strong VPN works perfectly here in the Republic of South Korea by providing me with the needed US IP address that allows me to watch American pro sports!! It is reliable and never fails! I would recommend it strongly to anyone living over here.

  7.  100% 

    Great service, excellent customer support

    Verified Purchase

    I've been using StrongVPN and Strong DNS for more than 5 years now, and always very happy with the service. Works great to watch TV back home whilst living abroad, and also giving a bit more security to internet banking etc. Highly recommended :)

  8.  100% 

    Constantly improving and keeping their number 1 spot with real dedication

    Verified Purchase

    I've been using StrongVPN services for over 5 years now, I'm delighted to see how you guys are improving so much with time, you guys now offer superior VPN service that always works with Amazon prime USA, even in an iPad (no other VPN was able to do this so far), you are the only ones who provide free DNS service, and this is a brilliant solution that works for many things I couldn't use VPN for. and finally, I was most impressed with a particular email offer I got from you - the one offering me a whole year for 50% off. This only came once after many months I could only afford to pay monthly, which means someone at your company noticed I was a loyal customer who happens to be struggling financially at the moment, and this totally bought me. I love how you made me feel that you are loyal back to me as your long time customer. Thank you!

  9.  100% 

    Excellent Support & Stable Connection

    Verified Purchase

    From July 2017, I have been using StrongVpn for over 12 months and I recently just renewed the service. During the past year, as all we know, StrongVpn has encountered great challenges in mainland China for the reasons that we are aware of. From time to time, the connection was blocked and I needed to consult StrongVpn's technical staff to find ways out. We experienced the obstacles but your staff never appeared impatient or incompetent. I received excellent services with effective solutions and the experience is incredible. Thanks for your help and support!

  10.  100% 

    Great Service at a Reasonable Price.

    Verified Purchase

    Strong VPN is a reliable and easy-to-use service that allows me to access websites as if I were in the US even though I live abroad. This helps me get access to my US Netflix account, certain chain stores that try to redirect me to the local site and for certain video content "not available in your country". It is reasonably priced and the customer service is excellent. Most importantly, if I ever move back to the US, I will use Strong VPN to access the NFL Package on my computer since it is only available to people outside of the US. Finally, Strong VPN has a phone app so I can access US Netflix on my phone.

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