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  1.  100% 

    Worked without any interference

    Bought it a few weeks ago, because I wanted to watch Eurovision (you can't watch it in the US). This provider worked without any interference or speed problems. I am definitely using it in the future for my travels if I need to unblock other websites or smth.

  2.  60% 

    Firestick disconnects

    Have got 2 yr plan and has worked ok on desk top however have loaded onto firestick and wont stay connected. Been on chat numerous times now and left frustrated

  3.  40% 


    I am very dissapointed with surfshark it changes my ip address perfectly on my laptop but never changes my ip address on my 2nd generation tv fire stick no matter how many times i try. I chose the 2 year plan but wont be renewing it.

  4.  100% 

    Cool service.

    Fast to connect. Work for my seedbox, a small wifi/3g router, Winsow$, ubuntu, and android... both with app or with manual configuration...

  5.  80% 

    It exceeded my expectations

    It's cheap, fast and really easy to use. Though, true I wish they had more location supporting torrents. Their support told me that only US, UK, Canada and Netherlands support it right now. Though I don't have any major speed drops while downloading as I'm near UK and Netherlands.

  6.  100% 

    Good service, works for streaming

    Verified Purchase

    I've been using Surfshark for nearly two months on my PC. Mostly I use it to unlock geo-restricted content and had no troubles with that. The only annoying thing is that they release updates frequently and I need to constantly update it, but that's a minor issue, in the end it's positive experience.

  7.  80% 

    Decent protection service

    Verified Purchase

    Surfshark is a decent VPN as far as my knowledge goes, I use it on my Android when connecting to public wi-fi. Few times connection dropped so I had to reconnect, which was a bit annoying, I hope they'll fix this soon. Overall happy with the service.

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