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  1.  20% 

    Waste of time and effort

    Connection with android was fine when it worked but a lot of connection errors. Connnection with windows only ever worked during the free trial period. As soon as I paid for the service I could never connect again using a PC. Repeated conversations and emails with Vypr support could not resolve this. After a couple of months repeated attempts to connect via windows I requested a refund from Vypr. Even though they admitted that I had not received the service I had paid for they would not give a refund. Terrible service, terrible support.

  2.  80% 

    pretty great

    Verified Purchase

    i like your vpn a lot. big fan of the 'connect with untrustworthy wifi's'-feature. also very happy about the new no logs policy. sometimes the ios app has trouble connecting and in some cases i have to restart my device to be able to connect to a wifi network. and one other thing, wich would be nice. being able to circumvent more netflix vpn blockers. thanks and keep up the good work

  3.  20% 

    Should be embarrassed!

    Verified Purchase

    After months of trying to get help to no avail, please refund what I have paid so I can get another service that actuly works.

  4.  80% 

    Good,but still have improved

    Verified Purchase

    I use it almost everyday. It can connect in most of time,and many time is very fast. But still sometimes can’t connect, or is very slow, and can’t use YouTube. Had use manual disconnect and connect many times.

  5.  100% 

    Awesome Product

    Verified Purchase

    Fantastic product works quickly and reliably on my iPhone and Mac. Absolutely love it and couldn't live without it.

  6.  100% 

    Reliable and fast

    Verified Purchase

    Vypr is the VPN I stayed with after trying several free and premium VPNs throughout the years. It is very reliable, so fast that I cannot feel any difference using it or not. The prizing is fair as I can use multiple devices so that I‘m having it switched on constandly. Thanks Golden Frog for this useful privacy solution.

  7.  100% 

    Best VPN user experience

    Verified Purchase

    Love this product. Truly easy to use and it works seemlessly in the background. Highly recommend it for all.

  8.  40% 

    All the same

    Verified Purchase

    After 5 years of vpn service, and 3 with VyprVPN, I can honestly say that most all vpn's are the same. Not one ANY better, faster, consistent, or offer better support than any other. If there were, the others would be out of business by now. VyprVPN has a couple of options that the others don't offer like the per-device VPN option in the router app where you can turn on, or bypass devices, which I really like. Although there are a few that offer a similar feature(with a different name for it), they tend to be more difficult to use. The one thing I have found in all of the VPN's I have tried is that the support is almost worthless. The only thing the support can do that I've found, so far, is find endless excuses instead of answers to questions you may have when seeking help. I've had to find my own answers through trial and error, and a lot of time wasted, in order to find out things for myself and fix my issue(s). All in all, VyprVPN has made me the king of "have you tried to re-boot your router and modem, yet" ? Like this isn't thee first thing I do(ALREADY) when an issue arises. And, another "perk" if you will, try connecting to a "Chicago" server, and at times, it will show up as "Unus" in Pittsburg, Pa. VyprVPN has been informed of this for almost a year now, and still, nothing has changed. As soon as I find a VPN with better service(and features I need), along with better support, I'll switch to it. But after 2 years of searching, so far I've only found disappointment.

  9.  80% 


    Verified Purchase

    VyprはVPNでは最強だと思いますが、自己解決はできますが 意味不明な接続不良状況に遭遇する時があります。iosにおけるWIFI接続が自動接続から生じるオンデマンド接続が悪さする時WIFI環境に接続不良があります。解決方法は、設定、一般からのVPN構成からのオンデマンド接続on,offにすることで解決できます。サーバーの選択の多さは解決策の多さという点では素晴らしと思います。

  10.  100% 

    Perfectly good

    Verified Purchase

    Very good , nice and always available. The system work in any worldwide and no problem for the access

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