Internet Security

Our internet security research tracks emerging trends in cybercrime to help draw attention to common threats, from malware to credential stuffing, and their real-world consequences.

The average internet user has dozens of online accounts containing personal information, all of which can be hacked and sold. By highlighting the real value of this personal data, we aim to improve day-to-day cybersecurity standards for normal consumers.

Our Research Experts

  • Simon Migliano

    Head of Research

    Simon Migliano leads our research and testing into VPN applications, as well as wider investigations into internet privacy and security matters. Utilizing these findings, he produces in-depth VPN reviews and expert guidance on online safety.

    His work examining dangerous free VPNs, identity theft, and internet censorship has been featured in over 1,000 publications worldwide including the BBC, CNET, Wired, and the Financial Times.