Learn more about VPNs, your IP address, and staying safe online effectively with our custom tools.

  • VPN Comparison Tool

    Unsure which VPN to choose? Use our tool to compare up to five VPNs at once. See speeds, logging policies, streaming, and more.

    VPN Comparison Tool
  • VPN Speed Comparison Tool

    Find the fastest VPN for your preferred server location using our purpose-built VPN speed comparison tool. You can view each VPN’s download speed, upload speed, or ping in eight countries across six continents.

    VPN Speed Comparison Tool
  • IP Leak Test

    Check if your VPN is leaking your IP, DNS, and more with our unique tool - and find out how to fix it.

    IP Leak Test
  • What Is My IP?

    Find out your public IP address with just a few clicks. Use our tool to check if your VPN is working, or to simply learn your true IP address.

    What Is My IP?
  • What's My DNS Server?

    Our DNS server checker tool reveals which DNS servers your device is using, and which company is processing your DNS requests.

    What's My DNS Server?
  • Who Is My ISP?

    Our tool will find out who your ISP is, as well as revealing the publicly available information it uses to identify you.

    Who Is My ISP?
  • IP Lookup & Reverse DNS

    Use our tool to find out more about the location and DNS PTR record of an IP address.

    IP Lookup & Reverse DNS
  • Test If a Website Is Blocked in China

    Enter the URL of a website to check in real-time if the domain is blocked or banned by the Great Firewall of China.

    Test If a Website Is Blocked in China
  • VPN Kill Switch Test

    Find out if your VPN kill switch is working properly using our unique tool. It'll check if your real IP address leaks when disconnecting from a VPN server or changing VPN servers.

    VPN Kill Switch Test