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Cost of Internet Shutdowns 2022 report main image: photo of fire in Lviv, Ukraine after Russian bombing

Government Internet Shutdowns Cost Almost $24 Billion in 2022

Our live internet shutdowns index measures the financial consequences in real-time and provides information on previous years' data.

Our Research Experts

  • Simon Migliano

    Head of Research

    Simon Migliano leads our research and investigations into VPN safety and digital privacy.

    His work examining dangerous free VPNs, identity theft, and internet censorship have been featured in over 1,000 publications worldwide including the BBC, CNet, Wired, and The Financial Times.

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  • Samuel Woodhams

    Digital Rights Lead

    Samuel Woodhams leads our research on censorship, surveillance and internet freedom to help defend internet freedoms around the world.

    His research has been featured by the BBC, Washington Post, Financial Times, and The Guardian.

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