Our VPN Experts

Our VPN experts have over 50 years of combined experience in virtual private networks, internet security, computer networking, and journalism. They produce all the VPN reviews, recommendations, and advice published on Top10VPN.com to help ensure the highest standards of accuracy.

  • Simon Migliano

    Head of Research

    Simon Migliano leads our research and testing into VPN applications, as well as wider investigations into internet privacy and security matters. Utilizing these findings, he produces in-depth VPN reviews and expert guidance on online safety.

    His work examining dangerous free VPNs, identity theft, and internet censorship has been featured in over 1,000 publications worldwide including the BBC, CNET, Wired, and the Financial Times.

  • JP Jones


    With 25 years of software engineering and networking experience, JP Jones oversees all technical aspects of our VPN testing process to ensure we review VPN software to the highest standard.

    JP developed our proprietary speed test tool and designed our advanced IP and DNS leak testing methodology.

  • Callum Tennent

    Site Editor

    Callum Tennent leads the Top10VPN editorial team, overseeing our VPN reviews and advice.

    He’s an experienced VPN expert, technology journalist, and former product testing professional at Which?. Callum is a passionate digital privacy advocate, and is a member of the IAPP and the EC Council’s Knowledge Review Committee.

VPN Research & Testing Team

To ensure all information on Top10VPN is original, up-to-date, and accurate, we have a dedicated VPN research and testing team. Consisting of engineers, data analysts, and web censorship specialists, this team carries out extensive testing under unbiased conditions to assist the insights provided by our VPN experts.

  • Luke Williams

    Luke Williams

    Content & Data Strategist

    Luke Williams plays a key role in shaping Top10VPN’s testing processes using objective, data-driven metrics. He has over 5 years of experience in testing and reviewing VPNs, and has contributed to research that has been featured in publications such as TechRadar and Computerworld.

  • David Hughes

    David Hughes

    Senior VPN Researcher

    David Hughes has over 6 years of experience testing VPNs, particularly their streaming and unblocking capabilities. He specializes in researching how well VPNs work in different countries around the world.

  • Harry Ferrigno

    Harry Ferrigno

    VPN Researcher

    Harry Ferrigno focuses on testing VPNs for gaming, torrenting, and computer networking. Leveraging this specialist knowledge, he’s instrumental in the collection and interpretation of information related to VPN kill switch technologies and encryption protocols.

  • Alyx Morley

    Alyx Morley

    VPN Researcher

    Alyx Morley specializes in VPN privacy, traffic obfuscation, and the circumvention of internet censorship, particularly in China. She regularly analyzes VPN privacy features and logging practices, and tests VPN access in high-censorship countries. She also carries out research and tests into anonymous web browsing and the use of Tor.

  • Agata Michalak

    Agata Michalak

    Digital Privacy & Cybersecurity Researcher

    Agata Michalak is a security researcher and data analyst. She uses her technical skills to collect and analyze the data that underpins the work of the research and investigation team.