Simon Migliano

Head of Research

Simon Migliano is an author, journalist and Head of Research at

His research is focused on all aspects of VPNs, from technical analysis of the software to investigation of the corporate activities of VPN providers.

Simon’s work also explores the broader issues of internet censorship, privacy and cybersecurity.

His VPN reviews and research into the best VPN services have helped millions of people find a private and secure VPN service.

He is an accredited journalist and member of the National Union of Journalists. His research has been featured in Wired, ZDNet, Bleeping Computer, CNet and many other leading technology publications around the world.

Simon has also appeared on BBC Watchdog and Sky News, where he has talked about his research to help raise awareness of digital privacy. He has also appeared on BBC Radio to talk about internet shutdowns around the world and to give advice about public WiFi safety.

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In this video our Head of Research Simon Migliano discusses his long career in tech, and why that's made him into such a passionate believer in VPNs.


Simon Migliano is best known for his extensive VPN investigations as well as in-depth research into internet censorship and privacy issues. Some of his most notable studies include:

  • Websites Blocked in Russia: tracks and analyzes the thousands of websites officially blocked in Russia since the invasion of Ukraine that relate to the conflict. The result is the only public dataset of its kind in the world.
  • The Global Cost of Internet Shutdowns: monitors the economic cost of every major internet shutdown around the world since 2019. This research is regularly cited by academics and major government organizations.
  • The Dangers of Free VPN is a collection of 11 research reports into various aspects of the ownership and security of free VPN mobile apps. Simon has also investigated app store policies around VPN privacy.
  • Global Mobile VPN Report: a world-first study of mobile VPN download growth across 70+ countries with year-over-year data back to 2016.
  • Collateral Damage in the War Against Online Harms: co-authored with Open Rights Group, this investigation into overblocking of websites by UK ISPs revealed over 400 charity, school and social supports sites had been blocked in error.

Public Policy & Academia

Simon’s ongoing research into the Cost of Internet Shutdowns with Samuel Woodhams is regularly cited in public policy documents and academic papers.

Some examples of this include:


Simon is frequently quoted as a VPN expert in privacy-related news stories and features, such as The Guardian, BBC News, CNN, CBS News, TIME, Los Angeles Times and The Sunday Times.

As well as authoring research for, Simon has written articles on VPN, privacy and censorship issues for other well-respected sites including Hackernoon, Reuters, OpenDemocracy and TechRadar.

Simon brings extensive experience in technology and research from his 17-year career. He began as a journalist for the Australian Associated Press (AAP) in Sydney, Australia before emerging as a tech business leader in London, UK and Shanghai, China.

He was the first team member to join and played a significant role in launching the VPN review website, extensively testing all the leading VPN services and writing the first VPN reviews and privacy guides.

Simon has been a long-time user of both consumer and enterprise VPN technology. His time leading a Shanghai-based team remotely from London and working in China has given Simon first-hand experience of relying on a VPN as a vital anti-censorship tool.

His VPN investigations and other digital privacy and cybersecurity research have been featured in leading news sites including The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, Quartz, The Economist, Der Spiegel, NBC News, The Times, Fortune, and Fast Company.

His research findings have also received extensive coverage in major foreign-language publications all over the world, such as Deutsche Welle, CNet Japan, Repubblica, Le Figaro, ZDNet France, PC Magazin and CNN Espanol.


Simon holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and a bachelor’s degree from The University of Liverpool.

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